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Frequently Asked Questions

Transcriptions play a very important role to any organization that requires timely and accurate written documentation.


We have provided some of our Frequently Asked Questions that may help you along your journey into choosing Preferred Transcriptions.

What format of audio will you transcribe?

We will work with almost any format as long as it can actually be transcribed! We prefer digital files simply because it saves you both time and money and the result is a quicker turnaround time for your documents. Just ask to find out if we can work with your existing audio sources.

Timely Turnaround

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours from the time dictation is received.

How do I know you will keep my sources confidential?

We will sign your Business Associate Agreement. We are aware and sensitive to any and all information, “confidential” or not. All of our transcriptionists are signed and bound by a Confidentiality Agreement and HIPAA agreement.

How big of a project can you handle?

We want your business and will do everything to accommodate your needs. We have a highly capable staff and can easily handle any project based on your particular needs.

How much does your Transcription Service cost?

Depending on your particular needs, each project can vary with cost. We like to provide accurate costs based on exactly what we will be doing for you. Please contact us for further information.

Our clients consist of a variety of medical offices, hospitals, legal and marketing firms and educational institutions nationwide, including but not limited to: Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) and New York (NY).