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Transcription Services and Pricing Costs


At Preferred Transcriptions, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding transcription services with fair and transparent pricing.

Our services are an investment that adds tremendous value to our clients by streamlining daily workflows and ensuring accurate transcriptions that fulfill their business requirements. Whether you’re a legal firm, medical company, or academic professional, our service offers the tools to help take your business to the next level.


Transcription services are an investment that can help you cut administrative costs for your company. In addition to the 24-hour turnaround time we provide, Preferred Transcriptions employs a team of talented transcriptionists who are strategically selected to handle your unique business needs.

Employing a transcriptionist can reduce labor costs and allow you to meet hard deadlines much easier. For example, using our services for a time sensitive legal case or academic presentation ensures that you receive an accurate transcription when you need it.

Pricing Structure

At Preferred Transcriptions, we do not charge by audio minute. This ensures that our clients aren’t paying extra for unnecessary dialogue and pauses. If you’re paying for 60 minutes of audio, often times you aren’t getting the proper value for your transcription. Ensuring that our customers are charged fairly for the product they’re receiving is a top priority for Preferred Transcriptions.


We pride ourselves on the transparency of our pricing. There are no hidden costs with our services. We do not charge extra for heavy accents, multiple speakers, poor audio or 24-hour turnaround time.

Certain accents and dialects can provide a difficult challenge for some transcriptionists, which is why our team comes with years of experience to complete your project.

Audio Quality

There are times when you may be forced to provide a much lower quality recording than what would normally be expected. Our company does not charge extra for poor audio quality. Even if your recording venue is loud or filled with background noise, our transcriptionists will work through these obstacles to the best of their ability to provide you with a fully accurate transcription.

Quality Transcriptions

At Preferred Transcriptions, we’re committed to delivering transcriptions of the highest quality to our valued customers. Each of our professional transcriptionists are located in the U.S. and paid fair rates. Investing in our professional services means investing in an accurate product that is tailored to meet the unique goals of your organization.