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Interview Transcription Services

Preferred Transcriptions provides your interview transcription services with exceptional speed and quality.


Interview transcription services are useful for professionals in many different fields but particularly lawyers, business managers and entrepreneurs, insurance adjusters, and academics. Companies often conduct interviews for new hires for large meetings, podcasts, or webinars. Academics and insurance investigators conduct interviews for research. And lawyers conduct interviews of clients and in depositions. Organizations and individuals conduct interviews regularly, and as such, keeping track of the content of those interviews becomes more challenging.

Preferred Transcriptions can provide you with interview transcription services to help you save time, store information, and ensure your transcripts are as high-quality as possible.

Why You Should Transcribe Interviews

Man being interviewed by a woman | interview transcription services | Preferred Transcriptions

Interview transcription benefits you and your professional organization in a variety of ways. Transcription helps you catch every detail the first time around, making content instantly actionable, and transforming content into something searchable.

Catching All of the Details At Once

Interviews are often cut down for both print and broadcast. Transcription of the full interview catches all the details for future use, whether that’s fact-checking tomorrow or going back for more details a year from now. The searchable text saves hours of reviewing audio and video files trying to find the information you need.

Instantly Actionable Content

A written transcript can be immediately implemented or utilized in projects or workflows. For example, say a business conducts an interview with a high-profile consultant and wants to use the contents of the interview in new marketing materials. With a recording, the marketers may need to listen to the interview repeatedly to find the desired material.

With written notes, the business may need to follow-up with the consultant for clarification. If the business has an interview transcript, ideas, quotes, and everything else said can be quickly used in marketing materials, allowing the business to focus on the more creative side of marketing.

Transforming Content into Something Searchable

A transcription of an interview allows you to search for keywords or specific information, which is very valuable in academic research, legal consultations, and other situations. You may remember a key phrase that someone said during the interview, but not remember exactly when they said it. Rather than review audio or video files back and forth, you can search the content by keyword and find the exact quote immediately.

Businesses can also benefit from searchable content. As well as the benefits listed above, your website visitors will be able to access your content better. For example, if your business posts audio or video interviews on your website, you can use interview transcription to improve your search engine rankings (SEO). This in turn will lead to more traffic to your website. You need the text version because search engines such as Google are currently unable to crawl and understand the content of audio and video files. Your transcript will be full of keywords and relevant information that helps Google find and rank your content.

The Benefits of Interview Transcription Services

Now that you recognize the benefits of transcribing interviews, your organization can additionally gain those benefits by taking advantage of companies who transcribe interviews for you.

Save Time and Money in the Long Run

Interview transcription services save time and money over do-it-yourself transcription in the long-run for both businesses and professionals. Transcribing one hour’s worth of audio recordings can take roughly four hours, even more for those inexperienced or untrained in transcription. Spending that much time on transcribing interviews is inefficient, especially for those who routinely conduct several, dozens, or even hundreds of interviews. Thus, if you want the benefits of interview transcripts while saving time and money, transcription services are the way to go.

Store Information for Easily Accessible Information

Storage and accessibility are other aspects of interview transcriptions that make them so important to professionals including academics, media professionals, business executives and employees, and legal teams. Although recording interviews is straightforward, accessing them later for specific information can be difficult. That’s where written content is more useful. Converting those words to text makes this information easier to store, organize, and access later – including through searches mentioned above.

High-Quality Transcripts

Another benefit of using interview transcription services is that the transcripts will be of a higher quality. Transcriptions take time to create, and quality transcriptions more so. The best way to ensure transcripts are high-quality is by working with skilled, experienced transcriptionists. A transcription service company will have skilled, professional transcriptionists who can produce quality work in both a time and cost-effective manner. Accurate dictation, speaker identification, and timestamps are a few elements that elevate a transcript from merely useable to an accessible, easy-to-read document. The quality work received from interview transcription services means that transcripts are highly accurate and easily readable.

Interview Transcription Services for Various Industries


Researcher interviewing an expert. Interview transcription helps academics and researchers by converting hours of audio and video into useable text.

Audio recording and transcriptions help academics in a variety of ways. In transcribing research interviews, for example, in-depth interviews for research can take hours just by themselves. Spending time transcribing the talk or consultation leads to less time analyzing or incorporating the content of the interview. By outsourcing the transcription work to a dedicated company, academics can better spend their time on specialized tasks, saving both time and energy, and leading to more effective research.

Businesses and Human Resources

Businesses interview many people for many different reasons, such as job interviews or promotional material. These interviews contain essential information that will most likely need to be recalled or pulled from later on. Transcriptions help with that, giving businesses an accurate and objective record of the data which can be stored and always available. A transcribed document provides a resource and a guide for all information gathered from a particular interview.


Having written records of interviews can help legal professionals improve their research and perform their jobs more effectively. An appeal process, for example, can be complicated or delayed by the lack of transcriptions. And when dealing with critical information, an accurate, high-quality transcript is all the more essential. Interview transcriptions help these complex processes operate more quickly and efficiently.

Insurance Agents

The insurance industry benefits from the accuracy and reliability of interview transcription services. Insurers deal with a high volume of client calls every day and vital information to maintain records and process claims. Therefore, accuracy and reliability are crucial in helping insurers properly do their jobs. The skilled experience and fast turnaround times of transcription services mean that insurers can consistently exhibit accurate transcripts, improving workflows and the quality of reports.

Our Interview Transcription Services

Preferred Transcriptions has been a trusted transcription company for many businesses, professionals, and organizations for many years. We emphasize speed, quality, and personalized transcription services to make your professional operations smoother and more effective.

Experienced and Accurate Transcription Services

Transcriptions are often time-consuming and complex endeavors. Transcribing the words spoken by a single person can be complicated, and recordings of several voices for extended periods make accurate transcription more difficult. Interpersonal communication contains many nuances, such as natural pauses, abrupt interruptions, and unique vocal tendencies. A transcription with accurately captured voices and conversations requires experienced and skilled transcriptionists, who have an acute attention to detail.

The team you will be working with at Preferred Transcriptions is knowledgeable, efficient, and highly experienced. Many team members have been with us for over a decade, and all are based in the United States.

Our transcription services are the ideal solution for business people, academics, legal, medical, and other professionals seeking a way to reduce their administrative workload and capture vital discussions, research, and web content while maintaining quality and speed.

Personalized Service to Meet Your Needs

Whether your interviews are for small or large projects, our team is equipped with the solutions to satisfy your transcription needs. Our transcriptionists are proficient in the specialized knowledge and vocabulary associated with numerous industries and fields of study, and we gladly accommodate any transcript formatting or template needs.

Interview Transcription Services with Speed and Convenience

Transcriptionist working on audio file. Preferred Transcriptions offers fast, convenient interview transcription.

At Preferred Transcriptions, we recognize that our clients value their time and money, and want to make the best of use of those two items. As such, our clients can take advantage of our convenient dictation options to meet their transcription needs. One of these options includes 24-hour access to our web-based dictation platform via smartphone, telephone, or digital handheld. We pride ourselves on 24-hour turnaround time while providing secure access to our clients’ documents anytime, anywhere.