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Our clients consist of a variety of medical offices, hospitals, legal and marketing firms and educational institutions.


By outsourcing to Preferred Transcriptions your experience will be one of the best business transactions you have encountered…our staff is efficient, proficient, experienced, proactive and, best of all, customer service oriented.

“I highly recommend Preferred Transcriptions. It was the most responsive person of the three companies that I contacted. (The person I talked to) patiently explained the fee structure in a simple way so that even this Ph.D. candidate could understand it. Furthermore, she stayed in touch with me as I went through this process. Preferred Transcriptions lived up to their promise of a fast and accurate turnaround, with very reasonable prices. I will be recommending them to all of the students behind me, who are doing qualitative dissertations.”

— Darrell Bratton, Capella University Ph.D. Candidate

“We use Preferred Transcriptions on a regular basis and are extremely pleased with them. If I ever need anything stat, within hours it’s there. All the people there are a pleasure to interact with. I receive everything within 24-48 hours after it has been dictated.I have never had a bad experience, I highly recommend them.

— Cardiology Group, Philadelphia, PA

“Our company uses Preferred Transcriptions daily. They have accommodated all of our needs. I receive all of my reports in a twenty-four hour time frame. They also type dictated reports and I receive them the same day which is an asset. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.”

— Pain and Rehab Center, Philadelphia, PA

“Our facility has been using Preferred Transcriptions since we opened on January 4, 2004. Our physicians are very satisfied with the professionalism of all transcription reports. Our transcriptionist provides us with a 24 hour turn around with all reports.”

— MRI Facility, Philadelphia, PA

“Our surgical center has been very pleased with Preferred Transcriptions personnel and services. We receive our reports within 24 hours or less and any corrections needing to be made (which are few) are made within hours of notification. The personnel are extremely accommodating, friendly and courteous. I highly recommend this company.

— Surgery Center, Lancaster County, PA

“We are consistently pleased with the quality and timeliness of our transcribed reports. Preferred Transcriptions is extremely flexible to meet our individual and changing needs and their customer satisfaction is fantastic. Their services are highly recommended.”

— HIMS Director

Our clients consist of a variety of medical offices, hospitals, legal and marketing firms and educational institutions nation-wide, including but not limited to: Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) and New York (NY).