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Medical Transcription Services You Can Trust

At Preferred Transcriptions, we handle all of your medical transcription needs with industry-leading standards for quality, accuracy and speed.


Medical Transcriptions for All Disciplines

Doctor focused on her patient, not her EMR. Preferred Transcriptions provide reliable medical transcription servcies for doctors of all disciplines.

We have experience across all disciplines and practices, including

  • Hospitals
  • Surgery centers
  • Medical and Dental practices
  • Behavioral health practices
  • Neuropsychology clinics

Benefits of Medical Transcription for Your Practice

Medical transcription allows your practice to save costly man hours and spend more time focusing on the patient. By transcribing your dictated reports directly into the forms or reports of your choice, we cut the paperwork burden and help your practice run smoother and more cost effectively.

We transcribe the following reports, notes, and forms:

  • Hospital records, notes and reports
  • Operating Room notes
  • Office notes and letters to referring physicians
  • Initial Evaluations
  • Discharge summaries
  • Updates and Progress Notes
  • Neuropsychology evaluations
  • IME

Personalized Service to Meet Your Practice’s Unique Needs

We can meet the needs of any medical practice from the single practitioner to the hospital medical records department. Because you will be assigned a single transcribing team for the duration of our relationship, you will get consistent and quality results every time from a team that knows your business.

Medical Dictation for Electronic Medical Records

Would your practice benefit from partial dictation? Some practitioners are concerned about the decrease in patient volume due to Electronic Medical Records or the negative impact EMR has on their relationship with their patients. Are your practitioners completing the free text section easily?

Doctor talking with patient rather than struggling with an EMR.

Preferred Transcriptions’ HIPAA compliant, web-based dictation platform combines the strengths of EMR with the speed and efficiency of dictation and transcription. Our medical transcription services allow your practice to increase physician productivity through narrative based charting that seamlessly integrates with your EMR.

Medical Transcription with Speed and Convenience

Preferred Transcriptions returns completed reports within 8-12 hours from any web browser for electronic signature, auto print to a local printer, or auto fax to referring physicians. We offer clients 24/7 access to the dictation platform via smartphone, telephone, digital handheld or any PDA device.

Our clients consist of a variety of medical offices, hospitals, legal and marketing firms and educational institutions nationwide, including but not limited to: Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) and New York (NY).

Row of happy doctors. Preferred Transcriptions helps doctors reduce burnout, improve patient care, and increase billable hours.