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Transcription Services for the Media Industry

We provide fast, accurate, and high-quality transcription services for the media industry.


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Although the media landscapes change, the desire for media and many ways to access media remain the same. People consume various formats and types of media in a variety of locations and forms. As a result, transcription services for the media industry provide more options to engage their audience. Different media fields and companies, from video studios to radio shows to podcasts all benefit from transcription services, services that Preferred Transcriptions can provide.

Benefits of Transcription Services for the Media Industry

Various media productions such as radio, television, movies, theater, podcasts, and documentaries use transcripts to do the following:

  • Help the audience understand the show through subtitling
  • Translate the show to other languages
  • Provide accurate recordings
  • Increase industry searchability
  • Teaching purposes
  • Closed captioning editing
  • SEO enhancement
  • Assist academic research

Whether it is a film, television show, advertisement, promotional video, online video, documentary, training program, classroom lecture, news article, podcast, radio broadcast, or talk show, the content needs to be transcribed to the written word for future reference and syndication across mediums.

Audiovisual media content transcription is a crucial component of the media industry. Media transcription takes audiovisual material and creates written copy, either on paper or a computer. These transcriptions can be used in post-production for editing, creating captions, and translation. Transcripts make editing video clips, extracting proper sound-bites, closed captioning, and sharing online more convenient.

By transcribing keynote speeches, lectures, webinars, interviews, seminars, product reviews, and video recordings, you provide a written version of the content. The written text allows users to quickly and efficiently jump to the relevant point of the recording and view what they want, saving time and meeting users’ needs more directly.

The internet is becoming more centered on audiovisual forms of communication. However, search engines such as Google still rely on text and do not always integrate audiovisual files. In many cases, audio-video content is unfound in Google or Yahoo’s history, and therefore hard to promote or find potential viewers. Transcripts increase content visibility and enhance user interaction with subtitles, which can double video completion rates.

Media transcription is not only useful for the production house and the user but also the search engines. The SEO advantages allow users to find and navigate your digital media content easier, resulting in increased popularity of your content. Transcriptions are an effective way for media companies and programs to increase their online presence without spending a fortune on promotion.

Why Outsource Transcription Services to a Transcription Company

In the media industry, time is money, and production studios or media companies cannot afford to spend hours transcribing film or television content. This is where media transcription services can help. While transcriptions help each specific media format and industry in different ways, the benefits of transcription services are universal from a business perspective. Your media business, whether you work in radio, film, or online, will save time and money by outsourcing to a transcription service company thanks to higher quality transcripts and more efficient operations.

Save Time and Money in the Long-Run

Transcription services for the media industry help your business save time and money over do-it-yourself transcription in the long-run. For example, transcribing 1 hours’ worth of audio recordings can take roughly 3 to 4 hours, even more for those inexperienced or untrained in transcription. Spending that much time on internally transcribing content is inefficient, especially when you and your team manage several media projects. Meanwhile, a professional transcriptionist can spend less time on transcribing, which saves money in the long-run.

Frees Up Resources and Makes Your Jobs Easier

Due to outsourcing transcription services to a dedicated company, you free up resources and make your job easier. Every company has a limited number of workers, and media companies have many moving parts in operations. Finding a balance between managing existing and producing new media projects and internally transcribing said projects is a serious challenge. Meanwhile, a transcription service has dedicated resources to transcribe your projects, which allows your team to focus on what they do best. Transcription services will enable you to dedicate yourself to producing high-quality media content while the transcriptionists take care of the complicated transcribing.

Produce High-Quality Transcripts

Speaking of quality, another benefit of using media transcription services is that your transcripts will be of a higher quality. Transcribing audio takes a significant amount of time and skill, quality transcriptions more so. The best way to get high-quality transcripts is to work with skilled, experienced transcriptionists. A transcription service company will have professional transcriptionists who can produce quality work in both a cost-effective and timely manner. Accurate dictation, speaker identification, and timestamps are just a few elements that elevate a transcript from merely useable to an accessible, easy-to-read document. Quality work received from media transcription services means that your transcripts are more accurate and easily readable.

Media Companies That Can Use Transcription Services

The number of media businesses has dramatically expanded in the 21st century, and all benefit from transcription. Improve your online video’s views and ranking by using transcripts for SEO. Expand your company’s podcast to reach new audiences. Or create more accurate subtitles and closed captions for your film or television shows. Whatever entertainment format or media outlet you work in, transcription services for the media industry.

Video Studios

Video studios benefit from transcription services for a whole host of reasons. One reason is that your post-production workflow will be smoother. A transcript makes adding subtitles or closed-captions those much easier, thanks to the transcripts greater focus on dialogue rather than the script, which contains directions for the actors. Transcripts also make translating your videos more manageable and make the translations more accurate and accessible for global markets. If you work with online videos, transcription services can boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and rankings. Transcripts allow Google to crawl your video and rank your video content since search engines tend to struggle when crawling audio and video content. So if you want to improve your post-production or translation processes, or drive more people to your studio’s content, then transcription services are the solution.


One of the fastest-growing industries, and one that gains from transcription services, is podcasts. Transcription services help your company’s podcast reach new audiences, primarily those who are hard of hearing or English language learners. Transcripts provide them with more accessible resources that help them consume your content. A transcript also gives search engines like Google new keywords and phrases to rank your website for, leading to increased traffic and better search engine optimization. Transcription also gives your team additional marketing materials. These include pulling an insightful or entertaining quote from a specific episode and using the said quote to advertise said episode across your various marketing channels. Whether your podcast is online or on the radio, transcription services help your podcast grow.


Documentarians are other media professionals who can benefit from transcription services and make their editing processes easier. Similar to video studios, transcripts make creating accurate subtitles easier but are especially crucial for documentaries since your documentaries likely feature numerous unscripted interviews. Also, you and your editors have a ton of interview footage, and sorting through all of that footage to decide which scenes or segments to use without a transcript is difficult. By taking advantage of transcription services, you can sort through that footage easier, allowing for better fact-checking and streamlining the editing process. So if you produce documentaries and want to make your post-production operations smoother, start by taking advantage of transcription services.

Radio Shows

Transcription services are a fantastic way for radio shows to reach out to new listeners and engage current ones. For example, say you have an unscripted interview segment on one of your talk show programs. By transcribing that interview, you can use that interview for additional content on your website. The interview transcript can then be used to create promotional or marketing materials on social media, encouraging listeners to take additional calls to action and generating more followers online. Putting transcripts online also helps radio stations reach out to new audiences who may be unable to listen consistently to the shows. And you can gain all of these benefits, whether your radio station covers news, sports, and many more fields.

Keynote Speakers, Webinars, and Academic Lecture Promoters

In addition to the entertainment industry, business and academic media outlets and companies can utilize transcription services to their benefits, too. For example, say your company is running an event with a keynote speaker. With transcription services, you can archive that speech for future use in marketing or training materials. Likewise, if your business hosts webinars or promotes academic lectures, you can use transcription services to continue engaging attendants after the event, or reach out to anyone who was unable to attend. These uses can all lead to future growth through marketing, SEO, or other means. All in all, transcription services help promote your events, which can lead to more attendees and customers.

Our Transcription Services for the Media Industry

Preferred Transcriptions has been a reputable transcription company for various businesses, professionals, and organizations for years. Our transcriptionists emphasize speed, quality, and personalized services to make your operations smoother and more effective.

Experienced and Accurate Transcription Services

Transcriptions are often time-consuming and complex endeavors. Transcribing a single person speaking can be complicated, and audio recordings of several voices for extended periods only add complexity. Accurately capturing the nuances of communication in voices and conversations requires experienced and skilled transcriptionists, who have an acute attention to detail.

At Preferred Transcriptions, you will work with a knowledgeable, efficient, and highly experienced transcriptionist team. Many of our team members have been with us for over a decade, and all are based in the United States.

Our transcription services for the media industry are the ideal solution for professionals and organizations seeking a way to streamline their production workload and enhance the visibility of their web content, all while maintaining quality and speed.

Personalized Service to Meet Your Needs

Whether your media projects are large-scale or small-scale, our team can satisfy your transcription needs. Our clients are happy to know that we never upcharge for transcription of more than one speaker, which will save you money. Our transcriptionists are also proficient in the specialized knowledge and vocabulary associated with numerous industries, and we gladly accommodate any transcript formatting or template needs.

Speed and Convenience

Our clients value their time and money, so we want to make the best use of those two elements. As such, our clients can utilize our convenient dictation options for their transcription needs. One option includes 24-hour access to our web-based dictation platform via smartphone, telephone, digital handheld, or any PDA device. We also pride ourselves on 24-hour turnaround times while providing secure access to our clients’ documents anytime, anywhere. With our transcription services for the media industry, your transcription needs will be exceeded.