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How Same Day Transcriptions Can Benefit Your Business


How Same Day Transcriptions Can Benefit Your Business

Transcriptions of meetings, seminars, and presentations can be extremely valuable for any business. Transcribing audio/video content or spoken language improves your employees’ accessibility to important information and allows them to easily refer back to critical details. In a growing business, deadlines and other time constraints may make it difficult for you and your team to transcribe content. Fortunately, you can use same day transcription services to facilitate fast turnaround on projects, so you can focus on more high-level tasks for your business.

Increasing Accessibility

When taking notes during a verbal presentation or meeting, some things may be overlooked or forgotten. It is not uncommon for humans to “zone out” for a minute or two. However, in the fast-paced world of business, those few minutes and missed details may cost you. Having a transcription of recorded audio content eliminates the possibility of missing or misinterpreted information.

Transcribing key information also helps employees who may need to reference it in the future or who may otherwise have been absent for the meeting. It is especially valuable to employees with cognitive or physical disabilities. For example, an employee may be deaf or hard of hearing, while another may struggle to process information in audio form. Having a transcription of the meeting or webinar means all employees can have input and feedback on the information provided, which helps make your company more inclusive.

Improving Communication

Same day transcriptions also help improve overall communication between management, teams, and employees. If you are presenting time-sensitive or technical information about your business, it can be helpful to have a transcription on hand to share with employees. With same day transcriptions, you do not need to type up a lengthy email that may still leave out a few things, as the lack of detail can lead to confusion.

Transcriptions also help overcome the obstacles of a speaker’s accent or speech impediment. When it is difficult to understand the speaker, your staff might spend more time trying to decipher the speech than they do actually understanding and processing what is being said. Keep in mind that when you see someone speaking, it can be easier to understand them, because we use expressions, gestures, and lip-reading as comprehension tools. However, these visual cues are lost in an audio clip.

Overcoming Audio Obstacles with Same Day Transcriptions

Transcribing an audio file of a seminar or presentation can eliminate technical issues on the listener’s end. If the listener has a poor connection or an outdated device, an audio clip may not load, or it may skip, stop, or play poorly. The file could also become corrupted during transport and fail during delivery. When an accurate transcription is produced within the same day, the sender can disseminate the information quickly, eliminating playback errors and other technical setbacks.

Is your business in need of same day transcriptions? Here at Preferred Transcriptions, we are expertly trained to produce accurate, timely, and high-quality transcriptions of your audio/video content. Check out our services to explore same-day transcription options, or contact us today to speak with a representative.

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