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How to Use Academic Transcription to Help Students


How to Use Academic Transcription to Help Students

Academic transcription can be a game changer for students and educators to help increase levels of comprehension and retention of information. Regardless of the level of education, transcribing lessons and lectures allows individuals to access information in multiple forms and further ensures their academic success, especially in a remote learning environment.

Combatting Attention Lapses

When sitting through long classes or lectures filled with complex information and ideas, it’s easy to lose attention from time to time. However, these small windows of inattention to lecturers can cost you. These missed details can appear on tests, homework assignments, or consistently in class and set a student back. By transcribing lectures or presentations, students can access information missed and refer to it as often as they need.

Improving Accuracy of Recorded Information

Taking notes during a lecture is no simple task. Some speakers speed through information and concepts quickly, leaving some students writing in their wake. Academic transcription ensures students make up for notes they missed while guaranteeing what they wrote was accurate to the lecture. Notes often consist of phrases, abbreviations, and acronyms to prevent time wasted writing verbatim. Sometimes, people even forget what they were notating. So while academic transcription makes up for those pockets of missed notes, it also ensures people are recording accurate information.

Expanding Accessibility

Classrooms are composed of a diverse group of individuals from different economic, social, or ethnic backgrounds. But what about learning or other disabilities? For educators, it’s impossible to know whether or not you will encounter a student with physical or learning disabilities. Offering academic transcriptions of lectures ensures that these populations are able to access the same information as everyone else and not get left behind. Whether it be a physical disability such as deafness or a learning difficulty such as ADHD, a transcript of a lecture can change the game for such students.

Empowering Students

Frankly, school can be stressful or intimidating to some students. From deadlines, strict curricula, course exams, and standardized tests, students have a lot on their plates. In addition to these stressors, the inability to accurately or completely record information in a lecture can be worrisome. Offering an academic transcription can help increase students’ confidence by offering them the information in an accessible format they can refer to as often as needed. This helps better prepare them for exams, class activities, and other assignments.

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