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How Video Transcription Services Lead to More Engagement


How Video Transcription Services Lead to More Engagement

We often consider video content as only being consumed by our audiences once— just a one-time-use collection of moving images and sound. But your video is still telling a story or sharing a message after the video stops playing. Transcribing video to text, and video transcription services, means you’re converting information into a written format to better help people access, share, and search for your work.

Expanding your audience with video transcription

Millions of people around the world have access to the Internet and are part of your potential audience. The goal of any online content or platform is to help grow your viewer-base. Offering multiple forms of media for your video content makes it easier for more people to access it, regardless of their wireless capabilities or connectivity.

Some individuals prefer multiple forms of media when it comes to learning and retaining information. This way, if they miss something, they can easily refer back to it in the written format. It means not a second of your work is being overlooked and you can ensure the messages you wish to send are being heard. A video transcript also makes it possible for viewers, commenters, fans, and bloggers to quote or share your work to others, expanding your viewership.

When transcribing your videos, you enable blind, deaf, and hard of hearing populations to access your work. WHO reports that 466 million people in the world experience disabling hearing loss or complete deafness. This is a huge audience that can’t access and share your work. Transcribing your videos expands your content past the bounds of technological limitation, with screen readers, descriptive audio and other assistive technologies; making your content more visible and more popular.

Optimizing online searches for your video content with transcription

You can find just about anything on the Internet today with a simple search that gets less simple the more content is added to compete with yours. With audio and video files, there is little text to offer to search engines that rely on keywords to index content into their systems. When there isn’t enough reliable written information to substitute those media formats, the chances of someone finding you in a keyword search are low.

Video transcription makes it easier for online search engines to grab pieces of your content. As a result, it’s easier for people to find you when they look for your topic. By only offering a single medium for your work, you risk limiting your audience and their ability to find you.

Repurposing content using video transcripts

The more content you have online, the better chances you have growing your audience and increasing their ability to find you. Transcribing the information in your videos makes it easy to repurpose this content quickly and efficiently into more content for your site or project. Because your video already has content and a layout, it eats up a bulk of the work you would spend creating new content. This means you can easily post and increase the amount of work available to your online audience by simply providing the transcript of the video you already worked to produce.

Here at Preferred Transcriptions, we provide video transcription services for all types of content producers. Contact us to speak to a representative and learn more about video transcription today!

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