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Preferred Transcriptions Provides a Powerful Resource to a Behavioral Health Center


Preferred Transcriptions Provides a Powerful Resource to a Behavioral Health Center

We conducted an interview with Laura Downing from Devereux Behavioral Health Center to see what benefits our transcription service has brought to her hospital.

The Devereux Behavior Health Center treats 800 patients per year ranging from ages five to eighteen and Laura oversees all admissions for the hospital. As Laura explains, “We treat acute psychiatric illnesses in the children to stabilize them and set up after care when they are ready to be discharged.”

The Hospital uses transcriptions for daily psychiatrist reports with progress notes in which psychiatrists dictate mental status exams and psychiatric evaluations for new patients. On a periodic basis, psychiatric updates are performed for these services. Following the discharge of a patient, discharge summaries are dictated and then converted into transcriptions. Laura coordinates with Preferred Transcriptions to execute these projects on an everyday basis because ensuring a timely delivery of these reports is essential for the wellbeing and continued treatment of the patients. In her time working with Preferred Transcriptions, Laura reports that she has never experienced a challenge or issue with the completion of these projects.

What is the Preferred Transcription Process?

Doctors at the Devereux Behavior Health Center dictate their reports into their smart phones following prompts from Preferred Transcriptions. Upon receiving the audio file, our transcriptionists convert the dictation into a carefully constructed report template document. This service has enormous utility for the hospital, because it saves valuable time and effort that can now be refocused entirely on the treatment of the patients. Outsourcing these administrative duties is also much more cost effective than relying solely on hospital staff.

Regarding Laura’s experience with Preferred Transcriptions, she told us:

“My contact is with Beth. Beth is wonderful. If I notice that I haven’t gotten something, then I have to look on our end for a transcription number. If I contact her, she sends it immediately. If the doctors need something ASAP, I send her an email asking for it to be sent right back, and she does immediately. I get the sense that she’s looking out for it. We communicate really well together.”

When asked what she valued most about Preferred Transcriptions, Laura responded: “Professionalism. I can’t say I’ve ever not gotten something on time due to them.”

Contact us today to learn more about what Preferred Transcriptions can bring to your business. We’re confident that our prompt and reliable service will be a major resource for all of your professional needs.