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Transcription Services – How Transcription Services Can Make You More Productive


Transcription Services – How Transcription Services Can Make You More Productive

Professionals in legal, medical, business, academic, and investigative fields may have very diverse needs and goals, but there is one priority that they all share: productivity. Transcription services offer professionals the opportunity to cut out busy work and focus on the essentials of doing their job well. Preferred Transcriptions offers a seamless transcription experience for professionals seeking more efficiency and productivity in their day-to-day work.

Prompt Transcription Services

The fast pace of the modern workplace has only accelerated with the rise of cloud-based technologies, and expectations regarding what constitutes a timely turnaround have shifted. The tools for sharing information have certainly become more intuitive and instantaneous, but the work of actually transcribing important notes, reports, lectures, and other important audio files remains the Achilles’ heel of productivity in the professional’s daily life, demanding an outsized number of hours. Our dedicated team of transcriptions is proud to offer you industry-leading excellence in both transcription accuracy and turnaround time, enabling you to take back those long hours of busy work. Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours, ensuring that you are able to access and share important information more quickly and easily.

24/7 Transcription Access

Nontraditional work hours? No problem. Preferred Transcriptions’ solutions allow you to maximize productivity whether you are an early bird, a night owl, or even someone who prefers to make the best of their daily commute. Our fully-integrated online platform allows you to dictate audio 24/7 via phone, digital handheld, PDA or smartphone. Uploading is simple, and we offer many convenient options, including Dropbox and HIPAA-compliant platforms. Once your transcriptions are complete, you can access them at any time, from any web browser.

Responsive Customer Support

There is no drain on productivity more irritating than wasting time waiting for customer service to get back to you. With Preferred Transcriptions, we can assure you that this will never be the case. In fact, your audio will be handled by a highly experienced and dedicated team of transcriptionists, and you will be assigned a specific account manager to address all of your needs quickly and effectively. Your account manager will inspect all of your transcriptions before they are released back to you for additional quality control.