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Where to Find Voice Dictation Services


Where to Find Voice Dictation Services

If your profession requires you to record and transcribe voice notes, you know just how easily the work can pile up. Whether you work in the medical, legal, or insurance field, the decision to seek out voice dictation services is one which will give you back a great deal of your time and energy. But knowing which voice dictation service to choose is not always a simple matter. Today, we’d like to share the three most essential qualities to look for in a voice dictation service that will meet your needs.

Voice Transcription Experience

A quick internet search will yield a lot of voice dictation services. How can you begin to narrow down the list? We suggest starting with an eye for experience.

The best transcription services will employ experienced transcriptionists who have both a breadth of knowledge from years of transcribing voice files for a wide range of clients and a deeper knowledge of the type of transcription most relevant to your needs. Just one of these attributes is simply not enough. For example, if a company employs transcriptionists who work with professionals in many different fields, this is great news. But if they are not familiar with or able to meet your particular industry’s transcription needs–say, familiarity with medical terminology and a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform–keep looking until you find a voice dictation service with the experience to meet your exact requirements.

Transcription Speed

Turnaround time is an important factor in choosing the right voice dictation service for you. Determining the turnaround time a company offers should not require a thorough scouring of their website. You should quickly and easily be able to find this info by reading through the information they provide.

We suggest focusing on companies that list a concrete turnaround time; for example, 24-48 hours. This indicates both that the company understands how essential a quick turnaround time is to most professions, and that they have enough reliable staff members to accurately turn around a project in their stated time frame.

Transcript Ease of Use

Another easy-to-identify quality of the best voice dictation services is the simplicity of their process and user interface. Ease of use is crucial to saving you time and frustration when uploading voice files, seeking customer support, and retrieving finished transcriptions.

You can get a sense of how easy it will be to work with a transcription service by navigating around their website. Effective services should offer potential clients a full overview of their process and explain how they address client concerns throughout the project. But they should also have an easy-to-navigate web presence which demonstrates that their clients’ time matters to them. If you aren’t convinced by a company’s website that their user interface will be effective and efficient, we recommend that you request a demo of their user platform so that you can feel confident that you are making the right choice to meet your voice dictation needs.

Experience, speed, and ease of use are the three most essential qualities that elevate any transcription service above the pack. Read more about our transcription service process here. If you’d like to discuss how we focus on all three to bring our clients the highest quality voice dictation services, contact us today.