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What Are the Benefits of Audio Transcriptions for Insurance Companies?


What Are the Benefits of Audio Transcriptions for Insurance Companies?

While every industry stands to benefit from the use of audio transcriptions, this type of service provides special utility for insurance companies. Insurers deal with a high volume of client calls every day, and the information within these calls is vital for maintaining records and processing claims. Using a transcription service ensures that trained professionals will compile documentation that is fully accurate and readily accessible for your staff. When you consider that this documentation affects insurance claims which could be worth large sums, the importance of working with a professional transcriptionist becomes much greater. In this post, we’ll detail some of the benefits of using audio transcription services and what impact they can have on your insurance company.


Preferred Transcriptions offers reliable support for your company 24-hours a day. The fast turnaround time alleviates the pressure of meeting hard deadlines, especially when high profile insurance claims are involved. Transcriptionists are assigned to clients based on their specialization in specific industries, which ensures that you will be paired with a professional transcriptionist who is best equipped to meet your unique needs and requirements.

The reliability of service will not only improve the workflow of your team members, but improve the quality of your reports. Having an audio transcript that captures a call verbatim will allow your staff to process claims more efficiently and saves time spent searching through audio files to locate customer information.


Guaranteed accuracy is the most important reason insurance companies should consider taking advantage of transcription services. For purposes of transparency and oversight, an accurate transcript will be crucial should the records need to be reviewed. An exact transcription can be crucial should a case ever be taken to court for any reason. While insurance companies can provide audio files along with written details of what occurred during the call, providing an exact transcript of the conversation is preferable..

Investing in the transcription services of trained professionals will provide your insurance company with the best documentation, and potentially save you large sums of money in the long-term.