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What to Look For In a Transcribing Service Provider


What to Look For In a Transcribing Service Provider

If you have grown tired of the time and energy it takes to produce high-quality transcriptions and are ready to hire a professional transcribing service to do the job for you, read this first. With the great number of companies offering transcribing services, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right provider for your needs. Here are a few positive qualities that we believe the best transcribing services will share.

Smooth and Responsive Onboarding

The best transcribing services will seek to understand a client’s needs as fully as possible before even beginning the first transcription. This is best achieved by an in-depth discussion between a client and a team lead at the transcription service. Quality transcribing services may even request samples of the types of documents you have had transcribed in the past–all the better for gaining a full picture of your needs.

Smooth onboarding also requires an intuitive online platform that you can access with ease when it comes time to upload your audio files or access your completed transcriptions. Take time to evaluate the online platforms used by your potential transcription service providers; ask for a demo or even for a trial user profile to test-drive the technology and make sure you are comfortable with it.

Experienced Transcriptionists

Transcription is not an easy task–because it requires technical prowess and a wide knowledge base, it is a professional skill that is honed over time. The best transcript service providers will staff their agency with experienced transcriptionists rather than inexperienced offshore subcontractors. In order to maintain quality customer service, accuracy, and speed, a transcribing service provider must really know their team and stand behind the work they produce, so be wary of companies that choose to outsource their work to the lowest bidder.

Breadth of Services

Even if you are only seeking transcribing services for a one-off project, it’s best to seek out a transcribing service provider that offers a wide menu of transcription options. The wider the breadth of the company’s services, the more likely it is that there is a transcriptionist who has unique knowledge of your particular industry and transcription needs on staff. A wide menu of options also means that if your needs change in the future, you will already have the convenience of a trusted provider on hand.

Speed and Accuracy

Above all else, for many businesses, it is the speed of the transcription turnaround time which matters most. If this is the case for you, seek out transcribing services that tout speedy, accurate output in addition to the qualities we have listed above. It is not uncommon for transcribing services to offer 24-hour turnaround times, so if this is of high importance to you, don’t stop your search until you find it. Even more important than speed, we’d argue, is the accuracy of the product. The transcribing service you choose should make this commitment clear in both their promotional materials and their finished products!