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When to Transcribe Audio to Text


When to Transcribe Audio to Text

Producing audio content is a time-consuming process, from scripting the new content, to recording the raw audio, and editing the final product. Why not give your work more online traction by transcribing it? Transcribing audio to text can revolutionize your online presence by diversifying your content platforms, improving your SEO optimization, and other benefits.

Diversifying your Content and Platforms with Audio to Text Transcripts

Everyone uses the Internet differently. Transcribing audio to text creates a written copy or transcript of your recorded audio which can appeal to those who prefer reading. Or, a listener could get distracted for a few moments only to miss some key points or important information you shared. With the availability of audio transcription, they can easily refer back to the important content they missed. Providing a transcript is also crucial for those who benefit from social shares and publicity–it’s much easier for a blogger or journalist to quote and send readers to your work if you provide them with a transcript to get an accurate quote quickly.

Reaching Hearing Impaired Audiences by Transcribing Audio to Text

Another consideration are Deaf and Hard of Hearing populations. Transcribing audio to text doesn’t just diversify your content— it makes it inclusive. With a transcript, individuals with hearing impairments can access your content, consume and share it with others. Audio transcription is a great way to give your content more traffic while empowering a new audience with your message.

Optimizing your Audio Content SEO Rankings with Transcription

Audio transcription increases the amount of information search engines can index about you and your content, thus increasing your online presence. Having more written content online can increase your website ranking and foot traffic while making you more discoverable. Transcribing audio to text gives listeners the opportunity to find your work using keyword searches that bring them to the content they’re looking for–you just need to provide them the keywords to help them find it.

Capturing Traffic Lost Due to Poor Audio Capabilities

Technology is capable of many things and stalling out is one of them. Computer viruses or technical problems with computer speakers can impact whether or not someone can consume the information you record and release. Perhaps your listener is in public and doesn’t have headphones or earbuds while they ride the bus. A transcription means they can access and return to your content as much as they want. The more accessibility your listeners have to your content and messages, the better chance they can share that information and spread your name.

Transcribing audio to text gives listeners the ability to access your content and not miss out on a single minute. Whether it be a few second audio cut out or complete shutdown, you can trust your message was passed along regardless.

Here at Preferred Transcriptions, we can provide you with all your audio content transcript needs. Contact us to speak to a representative and learn more about when it makes sense to transcribe your audio to text. We are happy to help!

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