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Who Can Take Online Dictation?


Who Can Take Online Dictation?

“Taking dictation” has started to become a bit of an outdated term and practice given the advances of online use. Taking dictation used to include physically recording a client or bosses’ spoken notes, or other form of formal speech either by hand or using a typewriter or other word processor. This practice has instead been taken over by online dictation services. Technological and software progress have even introduced multiple applications that use algorithms to transcribe recorded audio into text automatically. Online dictation has proven to be a practical and economical solution for those who require transcripts of speech.

Why Online Dictation is Helpful?

Online dictation saves time and money for any individual or business. Instead of requiring an employee to take down all the important information at a business meeting or conference, an audio file can be recorded and sent digitally.

Another form of online dictation is speech recognition. This type of software often appears in your phone’s messaging app and email. Users simply press the record button and start talking– the software takes care of the rest. However, it will normally take a few re-recordings or manual edits to make the text accurate.

This is where a professional online dictation service has the advantage for transcribing important notes, case information or interviews. Professional online dictation services are more accurate than automatic software transcription because trained transcriptionists can infer context and meaning that software can’t. For this reason, you can trust that your transcription is accurate.

Why Use Online Dictation?

We have already identified the use of online dictation for businesses and business individuals, but there are a number of other demographics that benefit from fast and accurate transcriptions and can use online dictation, as well. For example, people with visual and motor disabilities or learning difficulties such as dyslexia can benefit from online dictation. These groups may lack optimal motor or visual skills that allow them to transcribe their own, or someone else’s, words. Therefore, employing a service to take online dictation is a common solution.

Who Can Take Online Dictation?

Now that we’ve covered why online dictation is helpful and why you should use it, let’s talk about who can take online dictation. Well, we can. The process is simple. Take an audio recording of the meeting, conference, or speech that you need dictated and send it in. Our team of transcription experts will take that audio, transcribe it digitally for you, and send it back in record time. Make sure your audio is clear, lacking background noise or feedback and we have you covered.

If you’re interested in online dictation and transcription services, please contact us and get in touch with someone on our team. We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with the tools you need for success.