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Why a Podcast Transcription Service Should Be Part of Your Podcast Strategy


Why a Podcast Transcription Service Should Be Part of Your Podcast Strategy

The podcast movement is exploding. New offerings surface constantly, and scores of new listeners search for engaging and valuable content to enjoy. Whether you are new to the podcasting community or a seasoned voice with an established following, it’s time to up your game by providing your listeners with transcripts of each and every show. Enlisting a podcast transcription service is a savvy way to expand your audience while enjoying a strong return on investment.

How Podcast Transcription Services Expand Your Audience: The Friends and Family Effect

Podcast transcripts level up user engagement in a variety of ways. For starters, consider how often you listen to a podcast on your commute to work and hear something put just the right way, in words you wish you could email to a friend, or tweet out to your social network with a link to the episode, or remember to tell your partner later in the evening. Transcripts make it all the more likely that the rich, engaging content from your podcast will make its way into the world, whether by word of mouth or via social media. The simple commitment to providing transcripts enables your listeners to become your brand ambassadors, expanding your audience quickly and effectively.

How Podcast Transcription Services Expand Your Audience: Better Search Results

Investing in a podcast transcription service will expand your audience in more technical ways, too. When you transcribe an episode, the content from that episode becomes searchable, making it much easier for users to perform a quick Internet search and find not only what they were looking for–text from your podcast–but a treasure trove of content that exists on your website. More users plus more visits to your website equals stronger SEO with every click.

Providing transcripts also boosts SEO by increasing the likelihood that your podcast will show up in search results for key terms and phrases that relate to your content, drawing new users with no additional effort on your part.

How Podcast Transcription Services Expand Your Audience: Accessibility

The benefits of podcast transcription don’t end with social media shares and stronger SEO. The most important way that podcast transcripts expand your audience has more to do with your priorities than it does your reputation: they make your work more accessible to all people. Transcripts enable individuals who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing and those who are non-native speakers of your language to share in the enjoyment and learning that the podcast medium offers. The inclusion of a transcript goes a long way toward making all people feel more welcomed to your work, meaning your audience will grow in meaningful ways.

If you are interested in using a podcast transcription service to help you grow your audience, we’d love to help. Contact us to discuss our expert approach to providing quality transcripts.