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3 Key Benefits of Choosing a National Transcription Company


3 Key Benefits of Choosing a National Transcription Company

For many businesses and organizations, transcribing important meetings, seminars, and presentations is important for keeping employees on task and operations running smoothly. These transcriptions, especially those from a national transcription company, provide valuable documentation and can also be repurposed for digital marketing endeavors to help you grow your brand.

When researching transcription services to hire, you may come across companies that outsource the transcription work. While this may seem like a cost-effective choice for your business, outsourcing transcription services to workers in a non-native-English-speaking country can incur certain quality assurance risks. However, when the work is completed in the U.S., by native English speakers, the quality of the transcription is improved, as local transcriptionists are able to detect the nuances of spoken language. This can significantly impact the quality of the final transcription, especially when the content is more complex, such as legal and medical transcription.

As a national transcription company, Preferred Transcriptions provides quality services at competitive rates across the continental U.S. You can have confidence dictating even complex medical or legal reports knowing that your transcription will arrive with the utmost accuracy and formatted just the way you need it.

Benefits of a National Transcription Company

When building your brand and maintaining a healthy online presence to grow your business, quality matters to your audience. The quality of your content, including its accessibility, accuracy, and reliability, reflects on your entire brand. Hiring a national transcription service will help assure the quality of information shared for internal business operations or for public marketing.

Aside from quality assurance, here are 3 other reasons to consider a national transcription company:

1. A National Transcription Company Provides Competitive Turnaround Times

Because national transcription companies are based in the continental U.S., you need not worry about substantial time differences that can impact the turnaround of your transcription. Keep in mind that U.S.-based transcription companies are likely more aligned with your schedule. Services in other countries may observe different holidays or celebrations that can disrupt deadlines and result in delayed delivery of your transcribed documents.

Before you choose a transcription service, be sure to inquire about turnaround times and customer reviews. At Preferred Transcriptions, every team member is located right here in the U.S., and works remotely from home to accommodate different time zones.

2. Accessible Customer Service

Another common issue with outsourcing transcription services is the accessibility of customer service. International time differences can make it difficult to contact the company or receive timely responses to inquiries. With a national transcription company based in the U.S., however, time differences should have little to no impact on communication.

Regardless of which transcription company you choose, make sure that when you contact the business during operating hours, you can reach a real person. Preferred Transcriptions takes pride in being accessible to clients and resolving questions and concerns within less than 24 hours, including nights and weekend service.

3. Reliable Confidentiality

Some companies work with sensitive information, like closely guarded trade secrets, client contact information, or patient health information. Although companies may require non-disclosure agreements to obtain their audio files, the moment they outsource information to an unvetted transcription service, they can no longer account for issues with IT security or how the service stores their files and data.

National transcription companies should prioritize security and confidentiality. Preferred Transcriptions offers several secure and convenient options for uploading and receiving your materials, including the ease of email or Dropbox. We also offer a HIPAA-compliant online platform for your sensitive medical documentation.

Contact Preferred Transcriptions for Quality Transcription Services

Here at Preferred Transcriptions, we are dedicated to providing our customers reliable, quality, and cost-effective U.S.-based transcription services. Our national transcription company offers accountable customer service and 24-hour turnaround times on most projects to help you keep your business running smoothly.

Contact us today to speak to a representative to find out how Preferred Transcriptions can help your business and save you valuable time.

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