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How an Academic Transcription Company Can Benefit a Professor


How an Academic Transcription Company Can Benefit a Professor

In the past, academic leaders have resisted providing lecture transcriptions for the benefit of the class. Many professors and instructors feel that transcriptions from an academic transcription company might encourage students to rely more on notes that are handed to them rather than engage in classroom discussion and take their own notes. During the pandemic, however, academia has softened its views in favor of tools and resources that can help preserve student mental health, and therefore they’ve reconsidered how course loads are presented.

At all times, not just during a pandemic, academic transcription can be a game-changer for both college students and professors. The benefits are far reaching, especially in remote learning environments. Here are some specific reasons why you should consider using an academic transcription company.

Empower Your Students

It’s good to challenge students, but school can be an intimidating place due to the stress of strict curricula, course exams, homework, and standardized tests. Students can easily fall behind when they have an inability to record information accurately during a lecture or have to miss lectures completely due to illness or other life circumstances.

Transcriptions to your students from an academic transcription company can increase their confidence by allowing them access to important information as needed. It helps improve communication and comprehension so they can perform at their best. They can be better prepared for tests, class meetings, and other assignments. Of course, high performance from students can reflect positively on the instructor.

Overcome Attention Lapses

Professors desire to impart as much important information as possible during their lectures, but depending on the topic, students can be overwhelmed by the complexity and speed at which they are presented with new information. As a result, it’s common for students to lose focus for a few moments.

These small windows of inattention are natural, but they can be costly for some students. Offering a transcription of your lectures allows students to easily access information they may have missed, so that they can process it at their own speed.

When the class can access this information freely, professors can free up more of their own time from corresponding with individual students about what they missed.

Improve Accessibility

Classrooms are composed of diverse groups of students with unique economic, social, and cultural backgrounds. As a professor or teacher, it’s common to encounter students with different physical or learning disabilities, but you may feel at a loss for how you can attend to everyone’s needs.

Offering academic transcriptions ensures that everyone has access to the same information and can learn in their own unique ways. Whether helping to overcome a physical disability such as deafness or a learning difficulty such as ADHD, a transcript of a lecture improves the accessibility of the course to every student.

Easy Record-Keeping

It’s possible that you’ve attempted to provide transcriptions in the past but found the process to be extremely tedious or complicated. Taking advantage of an academic transcription company helps you save time and improve the productivity of academic recordkeeping. You’ll find that it will be easy to organize, recycle, and update your courses and notes over time.

Preferred Transcriptions can provide you with all your academic transcription needs through our academic transcription services. To speak to a representative and learn more, contact us today. We look forward to helping improve the lives of you and your students!

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