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Benefits of Transcription Services for Academic Research


Benefits of Transcription Services for Academic Research

Transcription services for academic research are the solution to the many difficulties facing professors and academics who have been conducting interviews during their projects. For many years now, the use of digital recording equipment has been the standard for recording subjects during academic research projects because it allows researchers to gather data in real-time accurately.

However, several issues arise once researchers need to organize and distill their captured data. Professors can conduct academic research projects more efficiently and thoroughly with a professional transcription service.

Accurate Documentation of Interviews

The basis of qualitative research is eliciting open, in-depth responses from subjects. In these cases, recordings of focus groups, as well as structured and unstructured interviews, create a record of detailed feedback that would have otherwise been lost to memory or unorganized notetaking. Audio recordings of such detailed meetings, though, can be hard to utilize upon listening. Multiple speakers, natural pauses, interruptions, difficult pronunciations, and potentially emotional content can make discerning the exact content challenging.

A dedicated team of US-based expert transcribers will be able to accurately transfer audio content into a text document that details every word and labels the speakers. With this written information at your fingertips, relevant information can be quickly organized and accessed by all research team members. Written content will also help keep misunderstandings to a minimum, facilitating consistency and a more accurate outcome.

More Efficient Use of Your Time

Academic research transcription can be very difficult as it involves complex information and intense attention to detail. One hour of recorded audio can easily take many hours to transcribe, which takes away from the hours that would be better used sifting through data, posing theories, and building arguments.

As an academic researcher, not many of your responsibilities can be outsourced to save you time and frustration. Thankfully, transcription services for academic research recordings can be reliably outsourced to an expert transcription service team. Without compromising the work, you can free up your time and mental energy for a more accomplished research project.

In addition, a professional transcription service like Preferred Transcriptions offers 24/7 access to a client portal on which you can upload your audio and rapid turnaround times of only a few days. In return, you can access the data you need as soon as you need it. As a result, your research project will always be moving forward, never stalling due to time-consuming administrative tasks.

Accessible and Actionable Data

Academic research and the finished project often require specific, consistent formatting. Hiring a professional transcription service will allow you to upload templates or request formatting to turn all of your audio data into easy-to-read and ready-to-use text documents.

When it comes to finding information quickly, digital transcription documents are searchable and shareable. By searching a keyword or phrase, you’ll be able to immediately jump to the information you need rather than listen through an entire audio recording. Further, all team members will have access to the data trends, patterns, anomalies, breakthroughs, and conclusions right on their devices.

Trust Preferred Transcriptions for Academic Research

We will supply you with a dedicated team of transcriptionists who possess the specialized vocabulary and knowledge associated with your fields of study, ensuring they’ll understand and accurately translate all your recordings to text. Therefore, you can confidently send in recordings of interviews and focus groups. If you ever have concerns or questions, your dedicated team manager is committed to offering personalized customer service.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with transcription services for academic research.

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