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Is There a Program That Can Transcribe Audio?


Is There a Program That Can Transcribe Audio?

With the advancement of technology, audio transcription has become easy and accessible for everyone. What used to include the physical process of writing down someone else’s dictation is now as easy as using transcription programs or voice recognition. Now, you can speak into your phone’s microphone and watch what you say turn into a typed message. These are perfect solutions for smaller messages and emails while on-the-go. However, it is common to come across errors with these programs.

Programs that Transcribe Audio

There are many online programs that can transcribe audio to text. Simply type in a Google search and find automated solutions for your transcription needs. While these seem like the best or cheapest solution, you get what you pay for. If your transcription needs are for smaller projects or notes from a meeting, this is a good, fast solution. But for larger, more professional projects, it is imperative to have an accurate audio transcription. Relying on a program that uses algorithms over people can result in errors with grammar, language, or vocabulary. These errors will greatly impact how your audience views your company as credible, professional, and reliable.

Voice-Recognition Software

Another option for audio transcription is to use voice-recognition software. The introduction of this function on phones and email has greatly impacted the way we communicate messages digitally. Now, with the hands-free option, you can send emails or text messages via audio while driving or engaged in any other activity. While this is an easy, quick solution, like transcription programs it is not always the best solution. Relying on voice-recognition for larger, more imperative projects may result in missing information, gaps in grammar and vocabulary, and an overall inaccurate transcription of the audio. Like transcription programs, voice-recognition uses algorithms to process information and translate it to text. These algorithms cannot always account for different accents, language, grammar, and vocabulary the way a transcriber can. However, for short text messages or personal notes this is the perfect solution.

Employing a Transcription Service

Transcription programs and voice-recognition are extremely helpful for quick, easy, instantaneous transcription needs. But if you require audio transcription for larger business endeavors, an audiobook, or a video or movie, employing a transcription service is the best solution. Transcription services use real people who are experts in transcribing audio to text. They can account for imperfections in audio files, multiple voices, grammar, and vocabulary in a way algorithms cannot. These individuals can produce an audio transcription that is complete and accurate for any project that aids in the improved visibility of your brand.

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