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The Modern Dictaphone


The Modern Dictaphone

You may not be familiar with the word “dictaphone”, but a dictaphone is a trademarked name for a dictation recording machine. A dictaphone is a device used to record audio of important events, meetings, presentations, or seminars. Before the introduction of smartphones and smart devices, a dictaphone was sold as a separate machine like a voice recorder. These can cost anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars. But with advances in technology, the modern dictaphone is now available on your phone, laptop, or any other smart device.

Why Should You Use a Modern Dictaphone?

A modern dictaphone, or voice recording app, is extremely useful for any individual or business. For example, recording a meeting or seminar is useful to ensure you have all the important information presented. Writing down the minutes of a meeting can be tedious and it can be difficult to keep up with someone who is a fast speaker. Using a modern dictaphone makes recording a presentation and having a record of important information easy despite such challenges. These recordings can then be transcribed using a transcription service, such as Preferred Transcriptions, so that the information is properly and accurately transcribed.

A modern dictaphone is useful in many other ways, too. Using a recording device or app to record ideas for a project, book, or musical piece is also helpful. It’s especially useful to hear your ideas out loud and not just see them on paper or in your head. These audio recordings can then be transcribed for later use if need be.

How To Enhance the Modern Dictaphone

Smartphones and devices can do a lot but that doesn’t always mean they provide the best quality. When recording audio, using a phone or laptop is easy, fast, and accessible. But when employing a transcription service, you want to ensure you offer a file with the best possible audio quality. Using a microphone is one way to record good audio quality by simply plugging one into a laptop and recording. The microphone should be placed near the person speaking so that everything said is properly picked up. You also want to make sure there are no external interruptions like a busy street, loud music, or large crowds that will interfere with the audio.

Do you need transcription services? Here at Preferred Transcriptions, we can transcribe the audio you record with your modern dictaphone.

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