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Preferred Transcriptions Serves a Surgery Center with Speed and Accuracy


Preferred Transcriptions Serves a Surgery Center with Speed and Accuracy

This month, we were able to sit down and chat with Marie of Valley Pain Center to find out what it is about Preferred Transcriptions that she values to keep her work running smoothly. Valley Pain Center is a freestanding outpatient ambulatory surgical center that is AAAHC accredited, state licensed, and certified by the Department of Health. They feature two operating rooms, and specialize in interventional pain management procedures.

Like many medical practices, Valley Pain Center relies on transcriptions to create patient records more quickly and easily, so that they can focus on the hard work of helping patients without getting bogged down in administrative details. Marie takes OR sheets filled out by staff with all kinds of vital patient information, including drug and health information, a procedure summary for the referring physician, and reports on any complications. At the end of the day, these sheets are sent to transcription, where Preferred Transcriptions creates a template report for them, ready to be entered into patient records.

Marie sends reports to Preferred Transcriptions every single day, creating reports for up to twenty daily procedures. Prior to partnering with Preferred Transcriptions, the staff at Valley Pain Center would create their own dictation reports from nurses and physicians, which could add up to as many as 50 reports every night. That represents a huge administrative load that was lifted by working with Preferred Transcriptions, saving the practice time and money.

The process is simple. Starting with the OR sheet, staff scan all of the information and email to Preferred Transcriptions. They quickly receive an email confirmation that the information was received, and the report is quickly returned to them ready to use – usually within 24 hours. Marie describes the process as being easy and fast, and found that the Preferred Transcriptions team was “Very professional, easy to talk to, and good to work with.” In 12 years of working together, Marie could not recall any delays or challenges when getting her projects finished. That kind of consistency and reliability is very important when patient outcomes are at stake.

Preferred Transcriptions can accommodate a medical practice’s needs, including rush reports with no issues. When asked what she values about Preferred Transcriptions, Marie says that she relies on “Their turnaround time, their respect, and their professionalism. They’re a very good team and they’re accurate and precise and very quick.”

To experience the Preferred Transcriptions difference for yourself, contact us to learn how we can help your medical practice run more smoothly.