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Market Research Team Finds a Reliable Partner in Preferred Transcriptions


Market Research Team Finds a Reliable Partner in Preferred Transcriptions

We sat down to speak with Natalie Vasilyev to find out what she values about working with Preferred Transcriptions for her market research projects.

Natalie works with Elsevier Clinical Solutions unit to help healthcare professionals improve clinical outcomes through evidence-based care. Natalie is responsible for market research. Natalie works with Preferred Transcriptions about once a quarter on transcription of audio files to support conducted research.

According to Natalie, “My experience with Preferred Transcriptions has been very positive. I really enjoy how fast they are able to turn things around for us. They are usually able to start transcribing files within two to three business days. We’re working on very short timelines, so the fast turnaround really supports my needs, which is why we keep going back to Preferred Transcriptions.” Natalie has not experienced any delays or challenges in finishing their products, which makes everything run smoother.

When asked what she values about Preferred Transcriptions, Natalie says:

“We value the fact that we can rely on them to transcribe the files accurately and in a timely manner. It’s a pretty simple thing that we work with them on, it doesn’t take a lot of steps. Two things that are most important are the time and how accurate the transcriptions are, and they have been fantastic on both ends. They’ve never lost a file or anything like that so that has been helpful for us.”

For reliable and fast transcription service, reach out to Preferred Transcriptions.