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The Process of Transcribing Interviews


The Process of Transcribing Interviews

Interview transcriptions are a vital asset for companies across a wide variety of industries. Marketing firms, doctors, and lawyers all use interviews to gather feedback and key information. In education, community outreach interviews are used in order to improve programs at local schools.

At Preferred Transcriptions, we transcribe these interviews for our clients with speed, accuracy, and a commitment to excellence. Here we’ll detail some key aspects of our transcription process, so you’ll know what to expect when you use our services.

How Does It Work?

Customers deliver audio files to us via email or Dropbox. Our professional transcriptionist then downloads and transcribes the recording.

We email the completed transcription back to the client within 24 hours. For medical clients, we upload transcriptions directly to a secure HIPAA compliant platform.

Getting the Best Audio

In order to get the best audio for your interview, there are some pitfalls you’ll want to avoid. Reducing background noise is essential, as this can impact the sound quality of your audio file and make it more difficult to distinguish speaking voices.

For this reason, try to avoid conducting your interview at a coffee shop or restaurant. Attempting to record in a car or train can also create a lot of background noise, so you’ll want to try and select a setting that doesn’t compromise the quality of your audio file. You should also try to record the interview in person rather than over a phone speaker if at all possible.

Recording on a Phone

If you must record your interview using a phone, there are some key best practices you should follow in order to maximize the quality of your sound file. First, you want to identify the ideal environment to conduct your interview. Choose a quiet room or conference space with minimal distractions and outside interference. You’ll want to make sure that your phone or recording device is then placed strategically near both individuals, who are ideally seated close together. It’s important to avoid set ups where individuals are sitting on opposite ends of a long conference table.

Selecting a Transcriptionist

At Preferred Transcriptions, we pair our clients with a qualified, experienced transcriptionist from our USA-based team to complete their project. By coordinating closely with our customers, our team is able to provide higher quality transcriptions for client businesses. We provide excellent customer support to address your issues throughout the process and ensure all your transcription projects are delivered smoothly and efficiently.