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Using a Professional Transcriptionist Over Video Transcription Software


Using a Professional Transcriptionist Over Video Transcription Software

At Preferred Transcriptions, our team of experts deliver personalized business solutions to clients across a wide variety of industries. Video transcription software such as Amazon Transcribe and InqScribe are often used as alternatives, and while these tools can be useful, they can’t offer the same level of accuracy and attention to detail as a skilled human transcriptionist.

We’ve compiled some of the benefits of investing in a professional transcriptionist so that you can make an informed decision on what type of solution is best suited to accommodate your business needs.

Benefits of Retaining Transcription Services

One of the key benefits of employing a human transcriptionist over video transcription software is the ability to differentiate between multiple speakers. If your video or audio recording has more than two speakers, it becomes difficult for transcription software to effectively organize the contents of your conversation.

Interpreting Grammar and Language

Another advantage to employing a transcriptionist is the ability to interpret grammar, verb forms, punctuation, colloquial speech, and homophones in your recording. For example, a trained professional would discern the difference between “cell” or “sell” in a sentence based on context, but software may not. Despite how sophisticated video transcription software is, it still lacks the ability to provide an accurate transcription that accounts for certain variables in speech and language.

Audio Quality

If your video or audio recording has background noise, sound issues, or noticeable accents, you should consider employing the services of a trained professional over automated video transcription software. Our company evaluates your needs and then carefully selects a transcriptionist with the ideal qualifications to deliver your solution. Our professionals have the industry expertise to overcome your transcription challenges, such as poor audio quality, multiple speakers and complex industry jargon. Video transcription software sometimes has issues in handling recordings that are complex or unclear.

Turnaround Time

Preferred Transcriptions offers guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time for all of our customer projects. It’s important to consider whether or not the time and money saved by using software over a transcriptionist is worth the time you may need to invest in organizing and manually editing your project.

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