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Top Reasons to Outsource Podcast Transcription


Top Reasons to Outsource Podcast Transcription

Podcast consumption is remaining steady as audio content appeals to everyone from commuters to gym-goers. However, podcast content is not always consumed through headphones or earbuds. Many podcast creators are now offering their content in an article or blog to better serve their audience. Text versions of podcasts can also improve your website’s SEO and make your content accessible to those with hearing difficulties. Regardless of audience preference, creating transcriptions for your podcasts is a good practice for any creator who wants to repurpose their audio content across various platforms, including social media. This is where some creators may want to outsource podcast transcription.

The idea of typing out every word of a podcast episode is not attractive for many podcasters who may be otherwise preoccupied with creating additional content, running a business, or working at their day job. If a podcaster outsources a podcast transcription, they gain many benefits of an accurate text format while alleviating the burden of this time-consuming task.

Let’s explore some of the specific benefits of outsourcing podcast transcription.

Meeting Deadlines for Publishing Podcasts

When you commit resources to producing a podcast, you are not just going to record one or two episodes. Podcast episodes must be regularly and consistently published to gain traction with audiences. Podcast transcriptions have become more accessible as technology has progressed, yet at the same time, high-quality podcast production isn’t necessarily simple, from editing clips to fine-tuning audio quality. Adding podcast transcription to the list of production tasks will only slow down the process even more.

To meet your podcast publishing deadlines without sacrificing the quality of the production, consider outsourcing your podcast transcription needs. Reliable transcription services like Preferred Transcriptions offer a turnaround time of 24 hours for most projects, helping to ensure that you’ll never miss a publishing deadline.

Ensuring Accuracy in Podcast Transcriptions

Timeliness and accuracy go hand-in-hand when developing a podcast transcription that can be repurposed. If you are rushing to get a podcast transcription done in time for your deadline, you are more likely to get distracted by other tasks and make mistakes. This can be costly when it comes to accurately conveying important information, including interviewee and company names that appear in your transcript.

When you outsource podcast transcription services, you gain access to a team of professionals solely dedicated to handling the transcription with accuracy and efficiency. At Preferred Transcriptions, we work with you to understand your goals and take time to learn your business, voice and vocal habits, and any key terminology that may appear in your transcriptions. Unlike an artificial intelligence transcription tool, our U.S.-based transcriptionists will take time to organize and format your podcast transcription according to your needs. A more personalized experience for content creation helps to ensure that podcast transcriptions will be completed with the highest level of accuracy.

Save Money with Podcast Transcription Services

If you operate a business with employees or subcontractors and you are trying to find a solution for creating podcast transcriptions, you might be considering hiring a dedicated employee to handle the administrative work. Hiring in-house, however, can be a significant financial burden for your operation, and it carries a certain level of risk if you are new to the podcasting platform. At the same time, you may not have room on your plate for more responsibilities, and you may be unable to send more work to current employees or subcontractors.

To avoid increased overhead costs and paying another salary, you can outsource the podcast transcription workload. Keep in mind that you can always revisit hiring a dedicated podcast team down the road if your audience grows and the return on investment is worth it.

Outsource Your Podcast Transcription Needs Today

As you consider your podcast transcription needs, it is crucial to remember the value of your time. Consider your opportunity costs and how you could be reallocating your time to other important, high-level tasks. It may not be worth spending your time on transcribing podcasts yourself, and instead outsource podcast transcription to a company like Preferred Transcriptions, who can get the job done with speed and accuracy.

By working with Preferred Transcriptions, your podcast transcriptions will be delivered how you want them, when you want them, and at a reasonable cost. Contact us today to learn about our professional transcription services and ask us about our 24-hour turnaround for most projects.

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