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Why Are Interview Transcripts So Valuable?


Why Are Interview Transcripts So Valuable?

Interview transcripts are a useful tool for any professional who needs to gather, organize, and readily access comprehensive information from interviews. Individuals and companies conduct interviews for a variety of reasons across multiple industries but are often hindered by a limited capacity for taking accurate notes.

For instance, academics, lawyers, insurance investigators, and business managers regularly organize interviews and require accurate notes for research, legal statements, and the hiring process. Over time, organizing and keeping track of all the interview content can become challenging, which leaves room for error or confusion.

Taking advantage of interview transcription services, like Preferred Transcriptions, can help you save time and create professional content that is actionable and searchable.

Why Should You Transcribe Interviews & Use Interview Transcripts?

Interview transcripts have a multitude of benefits for busy professionals who regularly conduct interviews. Obtaining interviews can be a time-consuming and complicated process, requiring a lot of preparation and organization. These interviews also result in many notes that can be difficult to compile and use. Transcribing interviews will help you catch every detail of the conversation and increase the accessibility of your content.

Comprehensive, Accurate Materials

Taking notes during an interview can be distracting and time-intensive, especially when trying to capture as many details from the conversation as possible. Instead, transcribing an audio recording of the interview ensures you never miss important details, and provides easy access to the entire conversation for further review.

Actionable Content

With an interview transcript, crucial information can be quickly accessed and turned into actionable content. For example, business professionals can utilize the written information from the transcribed interview to develop actionable plans and follow-ups for team members. Further, a transcript provides the opportunity to directly pull accurate quotes from the interview to use for marketing materials such as testimonials.

Improve SEO

Interview transcripts help businesses and individuals reach a wider audience by making their content easily accessible and searchable. Search engines, like Google, are unable to crawl audio or video content for relevant information and keywords. To provide searchable content, business owners can transcribe the audio, thereby improving search engine rankings and gaining increased visibility and traffic.

Why Should You Hire an Interview Transcription Service?

As a busy professional, balancing time between meetings, conference calls, and presentations consumes much of your day. With the help of interview transcription services, you can save time and resources, so you can focus on your most important goals.

Interview transcription is a lengthy process for those who do not have transcription experience. Without proper training and tools, it can be difficult to transcribe interviews in a timely manner and overcome elements like low-quality audio or crosstalk between multiple speakers.

For those who conduct interviews regularly, personally transcribing your meetings is inefficient and time-consuming. That’s why many busy professionals prefer to outsource interview transcriptions and put time-sensitive materials in the hands of professionals who deliver high-quality, accurate, and legible transcripts. Because of their skill and experience, transcriptionists can produce quality work in both a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Hire Experienced Interview Transcriptionists

Fast-paced work environments can present multiple challenges, making internal transcription efforts nearly impossible. Outsourcing your interview transcripts and media transcription services ensures accurate and timely transcriptions that don’t slow down your business. At Preferred Transcriptions, we provide services for professionals, businesses, and organizations. We value our clients’ time and are proud to offer 24-hour turnaround times for small and large projects.

Our best-in-class, 100% USA-based transcriptionists prioritize accuracy, so you can trust that your transcription will be returned to you with unparalleled attention to detail. Preferred Transcriptions will assign your project a single transcription team and a dedicated account manager, so you can count on consistency and quality.

Learn more by checking out Preferred Transcriptions’ interview transcription services, or contact us today to speak to an expert and get a quote.

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