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Why Businesses Use Audio Transcription for Media


Why Businesses Use Audio Transcription for Media

The media landscape is always changing, but accessibility and clarity will always be a top priority. You never know who is at the receiving end of your messages or how your content is being consumed, so media companies must cover all the bases. Whether it is a film, advertisement, or podcast, audio transcription for media has multiple benefits. A good audio transcription allows businesses to achieve accessibility and inclusivity, improve the searchability of their content, and helps land important clients and customers. A transcript for media lets you double the bang for your buck when integrated with a full content marketing strategy.

Increase Audience Understanding Through Subtitles

It all comes down to getting your message across. Without clarity, your mission to communicate to your audience is hopeless. Subtitles and closed captioning are your ticket to delivering your message without fail to your current and potential customers.

Not only do subtitles ensure clarity, but also inclusivity and accessibility. Subtitling allows people with disabilities like hearing loss to understand the content without having to rely solely upon text descriptions provided within video files.

Compliance with Media Accessibility Laws

Millions of people around the world experience some form of hearing impairment, and many forms of media are subject to compliance with anti-discrimination accessibility laws to ensure that the hearing impaired have equal access to these resources. If you distribute video content online in the U.S., you may be subject to the Twenty-First Century Communications and Accessibility Act.

Translate Media Audio to Other Languages

Technology has connected the world in ways we never imagined, giving businesses the ability to reach audiences far and wide. Audio transcription for media makes it easy to translate your media content to reach countries around the globe. For example, if you have important prospective stakeholders in other countries, transcription of your media can help you close on deals essential for your business’s growth.

Audio transcription for media is not just for your marketing content, either. Any audio or audiovisual content you have, such as meetings, presentations, and even webinars, can be transcribed and translated for use during international meetings.

Improve Searchability and SEO

Audio transcription helps improve search engine optimization (SEO) by making sure that all relevant keywords appear at top positions for search engines like Google. How? Search engines can’t watch videos, so they rely on text to “crawl” the content and offer relevant search results for users. Including transcripts or closed captioning in your media makes it easier for the keywords and information to be indexed by search engines, which can improve search engine ranking.

Experienced Media Transcriptionists

In such a fast-paced business, internal transcription efforts are nearly impossible. Outsourcing your media transcription services will provide you with accurate and timely transcriptions that don’t slow down your business. At Preferred Transcriptions, we provide services for a wide array of individuals, businesses, and organizations. We value our clients’ time and are proud to offer timely transcriptions and 24-hour turnaround times for small and large projects.

Our best-in-class, 100% USA-based transcriptionists prioritize accuracy, so you can trust that your transcription will be returned to you with unparalleled attention to detail. By assigning you a single transcription team and a dedicated account manager, you can count on consistency and quality.

Learn more about audio transcription for media by checking out our media industry transcription services, or contact us today to speak to an expert and get a quote.

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