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5 Reasons for Outsourcing Legal Transcription Services


5 Reasons for Outsourcing Legal Transcription Services

Overview: Outsourcing legal transcription services provides you with many advantages over in-house solutions. And if you do your own transcription, get ready for huge time savings! Here are 5 reasons for outsourcing legal transcription services.

It’s no secret that attorneys and law firms need good document management. After all, their cases – and their clients – depend on it. That includes converting audio and video sources such as interviews, depositions, and statements to text.

Outsourcing legal transcription services can:

  1. Increase Billings
  2. Streamline Office Flow
  3. Get Better Transcripts, Faster
  4. Save Time in New Ways
  5. Reduce Cost and Hassle of In-house Transcription Teams

Here Are 5 Reasons Outsourcing Legal Transcription Services Will Benefit You

1. Increase Billings

Attorney recording a witness statement. Outsourcing legal transcription services means she can upload the audio file and download the completed transcription, usually within 24 hours.

Every law office wants to find the secret to increasing billings. One of the easiest ways is to get more clients! If it seems like too much of your day is taken up with tedious office tasks (the average attorney spends about 50% of their day with administrative tasks), freeing up that time is the first step to increasing billings. Outsourcing legal transcription services is one way of doing that. Most lawyers report that getting transcription off their plates also improves their job satisfaction. Many find better work/life balance as well when they are able to leave the office sooner.

One last thing – passing along transcription to paralegals or other office staff who are not legal transcriptionists does not help increase billings. It only means that their valuable time is now taken up instead of yours. Outsourcing to professional legal transcriptionists improves office flow and gives you faster transcription (see below).

2. Streamline Office Flow

Document management can make or break office flow in a legal office. That’s especially true when you consider that much of the information you have needs to be converted to text from audio or video sources in the first place. Outsourcing legal transcription services improves document management on several levels, including speed and quality (please see next point). Plus, things generally work better when you have specialized personnel working within their areas of expertise. You’ll see a huge difference in your office workflows!

3. Get Better Quality Transcripts, Faster

If you do your own transcription, you know: sometimes this and other office tasks get pushed to the back burner because you need to speak with a client or something comes up in a case or… a million other reasons. Then, when it suddenly becomes a priority, you are in a rush to get it all finished.

But when you outsource legal transcription services, not only do you avoid all these hassles and free up your time to do other things, you actually get the transcripts back faster – usually within 24 hours. Plus, since legal transcriptionists are trained, they spend much less time working on it than you would. One other advantage: unless you have outstanding spelling and grammar skills, you’ll likely get your transcription back with fewer errors.

4. Save Time in New Ways

Right now, you might be transcribing interviews, depositions, and other related activities. But did you know that you can use transcription to save time in new ways? For example, you can record the following:

  • Conference room meetings
  • Zoom meetings
  • Phone meetings
  • Business calls
  • Mediation sessions
  • Webinars or in-person development workshops
  • Quick drop-ins to a colleague

Rather than take copious detailed notes, you can record these sessions, send them for transcription, and get full-text copies of these events for future reference. Imagine the time you can save, not to mention how present you can be without focusing on note-taking!

5. Reduce the Cost and Hassle of an In-house Team

Many law firms believe that they are better off hiring an in-house transcription team of legal transcriptionists. But in fact, outsourcing legal transcription services is much more convenient and can represent huge cost savings. There are salary and benefits to worry about, added HR tasks, extra office space including desks and equipment, more needed space in break rooms and common areas – the list goes on.

With a transcription service, on the other hand, you only pay for the recordings you submit. Plus, with today’s technology, everyone is an email or phone call away – it can seem like your transcription team is in the office even though they really aren’t.

Look No Further Than Preferred Transcriptions for Outsourcing Legal Transcription Services

Preferred Transcriptions offers you personalized legal transcription services to meet your firm’s needs. Whether you are a large law firm or an independent attorney, our trained and professional legal transcriptionists integrate perfectly with your office for highly streamlined transcription services. With a fast turnaround, outstanding customer service, and an eye for detail for fewer errors, you’ll see how easy outsourcing legal transcription services to Preferred Transcriptions can be. Contact Preferred Transcriptions today for a free needs assessment and find out how we can help you with convenient options.

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