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5 Ways Transcription for Lawyers Can Help You Win Your Case


5 Ways Transcription for Lawyers Can Help You Win Your Case

Overview: Transcription for lawyers helps free up valuable time, reduces burnout, and keeps your team focused on what they do best. Why spend time or pay a law specialist to do an administrative task that a documentation specialist can do faster and more cost effectively?

Lawyers are always looking for an edge in any case. But consider this: if you want an edge, you may find it in your own office. According to a study quoted at, the average lawyer spends 48% of their time doing administrative tasks. That’s half your day wasted! Not only that, the more time you spend on common office tasks, the less time you can spend on the case – and the less likely you’ll find the edge you and your client need.

Transcription for lawyers can help reduce some of those administrative tasks. By contracting out those services to professional legal transcriptionists, you save time and hassle, freeing up you and your team to focus on the things you love to do most.

Here are 5 Ways Transcriptions Can Help Lawyers Win Cases:

Transcription for laywers saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on your cases and reduce your administrative tasks.
  1. Transcription for Lawyers Saves You Time – As mentioned above, time savings are crucial. Not only does sub-contracting out your transcription free up more of your time, professional legal transcriptionists can complete those transcriptions faster, too. Simply upload your audio or video files to our secure servers and download your completed transcription, usually within 24 hours.
  2. Transcription for Lawyers Saves You Money – If you are regularly asking one of your team members to transcribe interviews, meetings, depositions, or other recorded statements, you are paying them for their time to do something other than what they are trained to do. Not only that, they are likely not as fast as professional legal transcriptionists. So you are paying more but getting less.
  3. Transcription for Lawyers Allows You to Focus on the Case – Not only will you and your team have more time to fully study your case and prepare for mediation, negotiation, or legal proceedings, you’ll literally be more focused. We’ve all experienced it – the more we have on our to-do list, the harder it is to concentrate on any one thing. There is only so much time in a day. But you can make the most of the time you have by getting rid of administrative tasks such as transcription.
  4. Transcription for Lawyers Improves Accuracy – It’s been shown time and again that the more eyes you have on any particular document, the more likely you’ll catch pesky errors. Not only are professional legal transcriptionists a first great set of eyes, they’ll help improve your accuracy right from the start with their superior spelling and grammar skills. In a profession where spelling and accuracy count more than most, it’s important to get it right, right from the start.
  5. Transcription for Lawyers Keeps You Organized – Here’s a tip: if you submit your audio and video files as you go (instead of all together at the end), you’ll be able to use them more efficiently as you build your case. Can’t remember exactly what a witness said on December 12, 2022? Rather than fast forward and rewind through hours of testimony, simply search on a couple of keywords you know, and you’ll instantly be transported to that portion of the transcription.

Working with the Best Counts for Everything When It Comes to Transcription for Lawyers

Accuracy, fast turnaround, and great customer service – these are all expected, but not everyone delivers. Preferred Transcriptions most certainly does. With decades of experience and a dedicated team of professional legal transcriptionists, Preferred Transcriptions offers you the transcription for lawyers services you can rely on. Contact Preferred Transcriptions today to find out how easy it is to get us on your team.

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