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Author: Donna Littrell

Integrating Legal Transcription into Law Firms

Overview: Legal transcription helps law firms streamline many office tasks. That frees up more time for attorneys and other legal professionals while improving the accuracy and organization of your documentation. Although many law firms find it difficult to understand how legal transcription can help them, those who dive in quickly realize that hiring professional legal transcriptionists improves overall practice – and business – efficiency.

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How to Incorporate Transcription for Business Training into Your Learning Modules

Overview: Transcription for business training can help maximize the impact of learning sessions in a variety of ways. As with general business transcription and academic transcription, it is a useful way to convert audio and video to text. You can then use this text to reinforce learning and ultimately maximize your investment in business training.

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How Transcription Services Enhance Market Research and Data Analysis

Transcription services for market research provide you with the administrative help you need to improve research organization, enhance data analysis, and generate final reports.

According to a February 2023 Forbes article, 64% of experts within the market research industry use transcription services for recorded interviews, focus group sessions, and other information-gathering efforts. Why?

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Focus Group Transcription Services: Why Professionals Need Them

Market research is vitally important to your day-to-day business. It allows you to collect valuable information so you can make more informed decisions. But the way you collect that research – and how you can access it – can make a huge difference in the perceived quality of the research. Focus group transcription services help improve the quality of your data in a couple of key ways.

Let’s explore how.

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The Growing Need for Business and Corporate Transcription Services

Overview: Business and corporate transcription services can help businesses retain, archive, search, and distribute knowledge. That’s important because not all information a company generates nowadays is written. Videos and audio, such as podcasting and recorded events, are replacing the written word in many instances. Content may be more accessible to people at that moment, but ironically new media is less accessible to future generations because of the following:

  • Changing technology (VHS, anyone?)
  • Additional resources needed to store, archive, and port
  • Lack of searchability

The written word was one of the major innovations of civilization. Many may pooh-pooh that by saying video, audio, and other textless media are the future – and that future is now! There is a lot of sizzle when it comes to the latest crazes, such as TikTok and Instagram. But the steak is still text-based for so many reasons.

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5 Reasons for Outsourcing Legal Transcription Services

Overview: Outsourcing legal transcription services provides you with many advantages over in-house solutions. And if you do your own transcription, get ready for huge time savings! Here are 5 reasons for outsourcing legal transcription services.

It’s no secret that attorneys and law firms need good document management. After all, their cases – and their clients – depend on it. That includes converting audio and video sources such as interviews, depositions, and statements to text.

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5 Ways Transcription for Lawyers Can Help You Win Your Case

Overview: Transcription for lawyers helps free up valuable time, reduces burnout, and keeps your team focused on what they do best. Why spend time or pay a law specialist to do an administrative task that a documentation specialist can do faster and more cost effectively?

Lawyers are always looking for an edge in any case. But consider this: if you want an edge, you may find it in your own office. According to a study quoted at, the average lawyer spends 48% of their time doing administrative tasks. That’s half your day wasted! Not only that, the more time you spend on common office tasks, the less time you can spend on the case – and the less likely you’ll find the edge you and your client need.

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Why You Should Transcribe Your Podcast

You’ve launched your new podcast – congratulations! You’re likely on the lookout for more listeners. Or perhaps you’ve been running your podcast for a while now and want to know how to make it more engaging. Either way, the answer is simple: transcribe your podcast.

Creating a podcast transcription will:

  1. Make Your Podcast Searchable
  2. Make Your Podcast Shareable
  3. Make Your Podcast Quotable
  4. Make Your Podcast Accessible
  5. Make Your Podcast Flexible

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