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How Professionals Can Use Online Legal Transcription Services


How Professionals Can Use Online Legal Transcription Services

Online legal transcription services already benefit many courtroom proceedings–it is common practice for an official court stenographer to transcribe the event. Beyond the courtroom, there are many other legal proceedings and law firm tasks that can benefit from being transcribed into a written format, lightening the load for legal professionals who already work long hours and rely on highly accurate information.

Like those offered by Preferred Transcriptions, legal transcription services offer high-quality text records of all important meetings, depositions, and more.

Audio recordings, spoken testimony, and videotaped proceedings transcribed into written text can be stored in either digital formats or on paper. Some legal proceedings that law professionals can benefit from transcribing are:

  • Summaries and depositions
  • Interrogations
  • Wiretapped conversations
  • Conference calls
  • Recorded phone conversations
  • 911 calls
  • Dispatch calls

The precise nature of online legal transcription services makes them valuable resources to lawyers and many other legal professionals. From creating a plan for trial to organizing appeals or reviewing evidence, transcriptions can be a powerful tool to saving time and money and improving the outcome for your cases.

Create Clarity for the Jury

A professionally prepared legal transcription can be an essential tool in a jury trial. When utilizing video or audio-based information in court, a transcript helps the attorney locate the vital information on the tape. Copies of the transcript can also be given out to the jury members for added clarity to the proceedings.

Timestamps in the transcription documents also help organize the flow of information, and clear speaker identification in the documents reduces confusion about who is speaking. Legal professionals can also highlight important aspects of the documents for increased clarity.

Make Information More Accessible

Transcriptions printed on paper or stored digitally allow legal professionals to make notes right on the text and highlight content easily. For example, when trying to find a particular part of an audio or video recording, a lawyer can quickly peruse the text of a transcript to find the exact place of the needed information without listening through the entire audio recording.

When audio and video are transformed into written content, it becomes more accessible. With no need for equipment or a quiet setting, the information can be accessed and shared easily at any time. In addition, digitally stored versions can be quickly shared with other attorneys and legal professionals within the firm.

Improve Accurate Recordkeeping

Many legal proceedings, like meetings and depositions, can be incredibly complicated, with evidence coming from various sources. Conversations often happen quickly and can be challenging to record manually in real-time with high accuracy. At the same time, accuracy is of the utmost importance for legal issues, so legal firms should not need to risk making mistakes. High-quality online legal transcription services, such as transcripts with timestamps, can ensure every detail is recorded as presented and offered in an organized and accessible format.

With efficient recordkeeping, legal professionals will be able to quickly access specific pieces of information in an organized manner with the knowledge that it is entirely accurate. Further, legal transcription services turn lengthy audio files into easily readable text that can be organized and searched according to keywords.

As a result, law firms and legal professionals can enjoy improved recordkeeping to stay organized and find what they need much faster, saving time and money for the firm and its clients. In addition, with accurate transcriptions of evidence, conflicting data from eyewitnesses or police reports can be more quickly identified, allowing attorneys to be better prepared in less time and leading to better outcomes for their clients.

Improve Communication with Clients and their Families

With the state and the judge’s permission, certain legal proceedings allow audio recordings. Having a transcription of a legal proceeding or trial can help the client, and their family better understand the process and what occurred. Often, family members cannot be present in a court setting, and a transcription of the trial can help educate them and ease their minds.

Clients who are hard of hearing, have processing differences, or speak English as a second language will likely benefit from a visual representation of the evidence at hand and the trial as a whole. This creates a feeling of trust for your client and reassures them that they understand the process.

Completed transcription reports from Preferred Transcriptions are returned within 24 hours in various formats. Your video or audio recordings can be uploaded anytime on any day. A dedicated team of transcriptionists is also available to answer any questions you may have around the clock.

Here at Preferred Transcriptions, we are always happy to work with you to meet any special needs your business may have. In addition, we’ll work with you to provide perfect finished products, from specific formatted documents and templates to creating custom documents. To learn more about online legal transcription services, contact us today.

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