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The Growth of Medical Dictation Services


The Growth of Medical Dictation Services

The need for medical dictation services has never been stronger as the demand for healthcare providers’ time has increased tremendously. Healthcare professionals across the country are leaving their jobs, leading to longer hours, burnout for the remaining healthcare providers, and excessive delays for patients. Keeping up with patient charting in EMRs, correspondence with other providers, and information for billing through insurance can quickly become overwhelming. At the same time, the need for accurate documentation will never disappear, so professionals cannot sacrifice quality when trying to keep up with the demand.

A medical dictation service can help lighten the load that is reducing job satisfaction and affecting the mental health of so many healthcare professionals. In addition, these services can give back time that healthcare providers hope to dedicate to their patients, practice, and personal lives. This article will cover just a few of the benefits of using a medical transcription service to fuel growth in the industry.

Medical Dictation Services vs. Artificial Intelligence

Some practitioners use software or mobile apps to translate speech to text on-site or in the office. Aside from recording health information on personal devices or unapproved, insecure software can violate HIPAA policies, it can also lead to dangerous inaccuracies in a patient’s health records.

Speech-to-text technology utilizes fantastic advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Still, the tool needs to learn voices, tone, accents, and other deviations that can only be taught with time, patience, and manual intervention. AI is also not as accurate as humans when listening and recording speech because humans are much more adept at picking up nuance and context in spoken language. Further, medical dictation services are powered by humans with experience in the medical field, meaning they’ll recognize and understand critical medical and healthcare-related terms when creating transcriptions.

As a result, transcription services carried out by real humans will result in a much higher level of accuracy. If there are any questions, your dedicated team of transcription professionals can reach out to you for clarity.

Cost Savings and Increased Productivity

As medical dictation services become increasingly popular, healthcare professionals learn to dictate during patient visits effectively. In addition, they record observations as the visit are occurring, allowing for greater accuracy in patients’ health information and saving time that would have been used later in the day to document the visit. Further, using a transcription service that specializes in healthcare allows your practice to save on paying staff to transcribe while on the clock. In turn, your staff and fellow practitioners can focus on patients and tending to office tasks.

With a transcription service such as Preferred Transcriptions, the dictated reports can be seamlessly integrated with your EMR platform to store the data where you can easily access and organize it. HIPAA-compliant transcription teams can create any documents your practice may need, such as:

  • Inpatient notes and records
  • Operating room reports
  • Correspondence with referring practitioners
  • Evaluations and progress notes
  • Discharge summaries
  • Case histories
  • And much more

Outsourcing specialized administrative work such as medical dictation services can be a cost-effective solution for overwhelmed practices.

Use a More Personalized Transcription Solution

Many transcription services will use a computerized system to check for accuracy and spelling. Preferred Transcriptions, however, understands that relying on computers for transcriptions has similar pitfalls to using AI tools for dictation in an office. So instead, Preferred Transcriptions uses a team of people with training in medical language, terminology, and formatting (like SOAP notes) to triple check for accuracy and formatting.

At Preferred Transcriptions, a dedicated team is assigned to your practice or department, allowing them to meet your particular needs. The team of transcribers will come to know your needs, habits, and speech patterns so that your transcriptions regarding patient health information are entirely accurate.

Completed transcription reports from Preferred Transcriptions are returned within 24 hours in a variety of formats. Your video or audio recordings can be uploaded at any time on any day. A dedicated team of transcriptionists is also available to answer any questions you may have around the clock. They can also be auto-printed to a local printer or auto-faxed to referring physicians. In addition, access to your dictation platform is available around the clock via smartphone, telephone, digital handheld, or any PDA device.

Contact us to discover how we can help your medical practice enjoy the many benefits of medical dictation services.

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