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When to Use Business Meeting Transcription Services


When to Use Business Meeting Transcription Services

Business meeting transcription services can be a great asset to any business that relies heavily on conducting meetings for team check-ins, client relationships, partner collaborations, and more. Meetings are the key to moving a project forward, sharing information, reviewing performance, and much more, but it can be difficult to retain all this information by memory or note-taking.

In this article, we will cover which meetings can benefit from a transcription service and how this will ultimately improve your business.

Why Use Business Transcriptions?

Does your business often conduct meetings that are the sole record of important information? Are the fine details of a business deal or transaction important to your overall success? While verbal meetings are a great way to improve relationships and express ideas, words disappear as soon as they are spoken and cannot be retrieved. As a result, there are so many benefits to using an audio transcription provider.

Many businesses choose to employ a person to take notes, but the rapid pace of speech and multiple speakers makes it difficult to record the entire conversation with completion and accuracy. By converting an audio recording of any meeting into a text format, you can be confident that every speaker and every word spoken during the meeting has been documented with clarity.

Once all those fine details are converted into a text file, you can easily access that information, scan it, and even search it digitally for keywords instead of listening to an audio file of the entire meeting. By being able to quickly access that information, you can delegate your precious time to more important tasks and improve your workflow. In addition, it is much easier to organize and distribute that information for internal and external purposes.

Business Transcripts for Internal Meetings

Whenever your staff congregates for a meeting, it is beneficial to have a transcript of that meeting which can later be distributed to each participant. Creating a transcript helps document actionable tasks as well as keep everyone on the same page. In addition, it frees up the team to fully participate in the conversation rather than worry about jotting down their own notes.

Some internal meetings that benefit from business meeting transcription services are:

  • Project Status meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Governance meetings
  • Innovation meetings
  • Brainstorming meetings
  • Decision-making meetings

Keeping accurate track of task updates and overall project progress allows the team to clearly set new goals and monitor progress.

Comparing Notes from Interviews

When seeking to fill an important position, a potential employee may go through several interviews with different staff members. Having a comprehensive transcript of interviews consolidates all the information into one place and allows several interviewers to easily review the information throughout the hiring process. As a result, it will be easier for the interviewers to compare notes, share ideas, and come to a more objective decision on whether to hire the candidate.

Impressing Stakeholders

When you’re a growing business, incoming investments and financial growth are essential. Investors and other concerned parties in your business will appreciate getting a transcript of any meeting in their inbox soon after the meeting concludes. Not only will quickly delivered and detailed meeting notes show that your business values accuracy and transparency, but that good communication is top on your list.

Employee Training and Education

When the staff knows that they will receive an accurate transcription of their training or educational seminar, they are better able to participate actively in that training. While many trainers give out the outline of their presentation, it will be even better to provide a transcription including the questions and answers that came up during the session. Less note-taking results in less distraction and better retention.

Focus Groups

For businesses that use focus groups to test audiences for marketing purposes, transcriptions can be a valuable addition to the process. Having a record of all the details, including accurate accounts of quantifiable and qualitative data, creates a reliable and searchable database of perceptions and new ideas for your product development.

Preferred Transcriptions for Your Business

Preferred Transcriptions has a fully integrated online platform that allows you to upload recordings from your business meetings from many sources such as digital handheld devices, PDA, smartphones, and more. A simple upload procedure and a 24 to 48 hour turn-around time mean you will have your business meeting transcriptions in record time.

Our customer service team is available 24/7 and your audio transcription is handled by a specific team of transcriptionists who are assigned to your business.

Learn more about our business meeting transcription services, our various transcription services, or contact us today to speak to a representative and get a quote.

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