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An Insurance Adjuster finds Seamless Process with Preferred Transcriptions


An Insurance Adjuster finds Seamless Process with Preferred Transcriptions

We sat down with Kevin Finn of Custard Insurance Adjusters to find out why he trusts Preferred Transcriptions with his transcription projects.

Custard Insurance Adjusters is a national insurance adjusting company with about 270 offices and 3000 clients. They work primarily with insurance companies, trucking companies, and third party administrators. According to Kevin, “We sub a lot of the guys that dictate reports rather than type them themselves, because I used to do it and I found that you can certainly speak faster than you can type. If you have your notes organized, you can much faster dictate a report.”

Custard Insurance Adjusters mostly have reports transcribed that have to do with truck accident investigations. They work with captioned reports that can be any length from just a couple of pages to up to 25 pages in total. They work with Preferred Transcriptions on a daily basis. They used to work with another company that did transcriptions, and when the company went out of business, the owner went out of her way to find them a replacement service that would mesh well with what they were already doing, and she found them Preferred Transcriptions. Custard Insurance Adjusters works with Preferred Transcriptions to transcribe between 50 and 100 reports every two weeks.

The Preferred Transcriptions Process

Preferred Transcriptions sends out instructions to the individual adjustors who want to use their dictation services. They can either dictate their reports into the phone using a smartphone, or they have digital recorders that they use as well. Custard Insurance Adjusters send their dictation in a .wav file, and it’s transcribed within 24 hours before being sent back. The adjuster will then open it, make any corrections they want to make, and send it to Kevin Finn for approval.

When asked what it was like to work with Preferred Transcriptions, Kevin says,

“It’s great. I’ve never had anybody complain about them, ever. I get the bill every two weeks, I look it over, and I send it in for payment. It’s a very smooth transition all the time, and believe me, the adjusters would be complaining if there were issues. I’m sure we have some guys who get it done on a rush basis, but it’s never been a problem. The transition from the previous transcription service was seamless from the very beginning, and they were up and running from the first day.”

Kevin says that his dealings with Preferred Transcriptions were very smooth. When asked what he values about Preferred Transcriptions, Kevin says “The quality of the service. I don’t think you can ask for anything more than quality and service. If we had issues, they would take care of them, but we’ve never had any. The price is competitive. There are no bumps in the road. They dictate, it goes back to them, I get the bill, and we go on every day. It’s pretty routine, and it’s great because it could be just a terrible cog in this big wheel because our reports have to be done by a certain date. It not only affects us, but it affects our clients. If we are not getting timely or good reports, our clients will leave. It’s very important to have a good dictation service.”