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The Search for Content: Video Transcription is your Untapped Resource


The Search for Content: Video Transcription is your Untapped Resource

Everyone is looking to put out as much content as they can as part of their content marketing or digital marketing strategies. The idea is that if you can attract an audience with blog posts or social media postings that are helpful or entertaining, that audience will become new customers and clients. But blogging can be difficult to maintain in the long term—it seems as though everything under the sun has already been written, and coming up with fresh topics every week can very quickly become a chore that sucks up a huge amount of time. The same goes for social media posts—what starts with energy and enthusiasm quickly peters out into a ghost town of a Facebook page or Twitter feed that is sporadically updated with lackluster content. So what do you do? You turn to an overlooked source of evergreen content: video!

Why Use Video?

Video has been shown to have many great benefits for your content marketing plan—and those benefits only get better when paired with an accurate transcription. You can improve your standings in Google and other search engines by posting video paired with a transcription to give the search engines something to scrape. By putting out content that is closely related to your desired keywords, your customers will find you when they search for those keywords. Your transcription should be chock full of the keywords that your audience is looking for in order to push you further up the Google rankings and get you found first.

On top of providing better bang for your buck SEO-wise, video is also great for grabbing and holding a potential customer’s attention. Video enjoys a higher rate of sharing, engagement, and conversion than other forms of content like blog posts or social media postings.

What Kind of Video Do You Post?

This is where a bit of planning pays off. You should know what keywords or phrases your clients and customers are typing in to Google when they try to find a business like yours. For example, if you run a family clinic, your potential patients are likely searching “family doctor [hometown]” to find businesses like yours. You want to show up first for the keyword phrase “family doctor” in order to be found before your competitors when your audience goes looking for you.

You could be posting all kinds of video that is full of your keyword. To use the family clinic example, you could post a video listing symptoms that warrant a visit to the “family doctor”. By sprinkling this phrase throughout your video and the accompanying transcript, you will rank higher in the Google results for the keyword phrase.

Video could easily be your untapped resource for getting your website or online store found by your audience. Try incorporating video into your content marketing strategy and including a strong transcription in order to grow your business organically.