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How to Keep Up with the Inexhaustible Need for Content on the Internet


How to Keep Up with the Inexhaustible Need for Content on the Internet

You may have found out by now that one-and-done doesn’t cut it when it comes to online content. It’s so common to see company blog pages with two or three posts, then nothing for months. People tend to put so much energy and enthusiasm into their first few social media or online content posts that they quickly fizzle out once the excitement is gone. One big contributing factor is the need to generate a steady stream of content ideas, not necessarily fueled by first time poster enthusiasm. Here are a few ideas to keep generating content well into the year.

1. Make a Video to Introduce Your Team

People like to have a face to the name when they do business. Your customers want to feel like they know you when they choose whether or not to buy from you, and an introductory video of your team will do just that. It needn’t be long, just a short video that shows your team at work with a few words from each introducing themselves and sharing a few fun facts about themselves will do the trick. If you don’t have a good staging area, create one with just a plain white background and some decent lighting. If you hire a video company to produce the videos for you, they can handle the background and lighting.

2. Post the Transcript of an Interview with One of Your Teammates

It’s deceptively easy to get some press coverage if you look for local outlets, like local radio or a community magazine. Simply reach out to a few local outlets expressing your interest in doing an interview, and make sure you get a copy of the results. When the interview is ready, post the transcript to your company blog, or better yet, turn the transcript into a few blog posts.

3. Post Video Testimonials of Your Clients

You would be surprised by how many of your clients would be willing to do a short interview to talk about their experiences with your business. Have them cover the basics with a simple testimonial, such as what their experience has been with your customer service, how you helped them, and what the result has been of working with your company. If you take a transcript of the testimonial, that gives you even more content to work with. You can post it to your own Testimonials page on your website, include a snippet in a company email newsletter, or post it across your social channels.

4. How-To Tutorials

Content that is meant to educate as well as entertain is always a hit. Why not put together a short how-to that ties into your product or service offering? You can teach your customers or clients how to get the most out of your offering, incentivizing them to buy and turning customers into raving fans. A little expertise can go a long way in your content marketing strategy. Don’t forget to post the transcript across your social media channels and blogs.