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Why You Should Work with an Audio Transcription Provider


Why You Should Work with an Audio Transcription Provider

An audio transcription provider offers services for turning audio information into written text or electronic documents. These services are more prevalent than most people realize, helping businesses to complete these administrative tasks without further burdening their busy schedules.

Having a trusted, efficient, and accurate audio transcription provider can have many benefits for your business or profession. Let’s look at some of the many reasons to work with a transcription provider.

Who Can Benefit from an Audio Transcription Provider?

Transcription is an integral part of many business and professional settings. Busy professionals across all industries rely on recordings during important meetings and interviews. Keeping recordings in audio format, however, is cumbersome and inconvenient to all those who need to reference that important information. Conversion of audio information into written or digital formats is used in:

  • Medical settings
  • Legal proceedings
  • Business
  • Academic and Research settings
  • Entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Insurance Adjusting services
  • Private Investigation
  • Web-Based Media

Relying on staff to listen to recordings and manually create text versions, however, is time-consuming and distracts from other administrative tasks. Outsourcing transcription of audio recordings like interviews, podcasts, research findings, and depositions streamlines operations and allows staff to easily access actionable information.

Accuracy is Important

Businesses and professionals, especially those in the legal or the medical field, require transcription services that meet the highest standard of accuracy. Achieving that high-quality accuracy with a quick turn-around time, however, is especially challenging to accomplish in-house.

Using an audio transcription provider like Preferred Transcriptions guarantees quick and accurate transcriptions. While it is becoming increasingly common for transcription services to be outsourced to other countries, Preferred Transcriptions uses only experienced US-based transcribers. As a result, you can be certain that your transcription team will speak the language fluently and capture the content accurately in your audio recordings.

All medical, legal, business, and academic transcriptions are proofread by our team of editors and further checked for accuracy using industry-specific spelling software.

Increase Capacity for Productivity

Asking a member of your staff to attend meetings and interviews solely to take notes prevents them from performing other duties. Taking copious and detailed notes during a meeting also prevents the employee from authentically participating in the meeting. Not to mention, taking detailed notes at the speed of the conversation is extremely difficult to accomplish without missing information or making mistakes.

An audio transcription service frees up your employees to do their work without forgoing accurate and complete documentation of meetings and interviews.

Reliable Consistency Across Projects

At Preferred Transcriptions, we go the extra mile by also providing superior consistency in projects. By matching our customers with the same specialized team across all of their projects, we create a continuous relationship that allows us to develop an intimate understanding of each client’s needs.

This consistency also allows the transcribers to gain familiarity with industry jargon as well as the verbal style, tendencies, and subtleties of individual speakers. In turn, you’ll receive the best possible end product.

Fast and Easy Access to Information

Rather than spend crucial time on transcription, you or your staff can access the information you need as soon as you need to. Text versions of audio recordings allow searchability for keywords and topics with just a few clicks, and information can be copied and pasted or manipulated for other uses.

There are about ten million hard of hearing people in the US alone, and many more who speak English as a second language. Providing transcriptions of audio makes a world of videos, podcasts, and other audio content available to them. Whether you have employees, business partners, or clients who could benefit from text versions of information, outsourcing to a transcription provider will improve accessibility.

Streamline Your Business with Preferred Transcriptions

By outsourcing to an audio transcription provider, your team can meet deadlines and move forward on projects quickly. Preferred Transcriptions allows you to upload your recordings at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Clients may dictate by phone, digital handheld, PDA, or Smartphone. Any issue you may have can be addressed by your team of transcriptionists who are available to answer your questions around the clock.

Here at Preferred Transcriptions, we are always happy to work with you to meet any special needs your business may have. From specific formatted documents and templates to creating custom documents, we’ll work with you to provide perfect finished products. To learn more, contact us today.

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