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Transcription Service helps neuropsychologist grow his practice


Transcription Service helps neuropsychologist grow his practice

We sat down with Dr. Michael Caiazzo to learn what he values about working with Preferred Transcription service. Dr. Caiazzo is a clinical neuropsychologist who would need to type lengthy reports by hand without the help of a quality transcription service, who found that as his practice grew, it became time prohibitive to do it by hand.

Dr. Caiazzo transcribes his neuropsychological evaluations with Preferred Transcription service. He provides Preferred with a template of some of the preformed data, and dictates information that is unique to each particular client. The transcription dovetails with the template into a seamless report format. Dr. Caiazzo finds that he doesn’t have to type everything in the report from A to Z, because the transcription service is able to implement the boilerplate content into his reports.

Dr. Caiazzo has been working with Preferred Transcriptions five times a week for just over one year. The doctor typically calls the service number, provides a dictation, and receives the report back in about 24 to 48 hours. According to Dr. Caiazzo, working with Preferred Transcriptions has been very easy.  “I only work with [Preferred Transcriptions] through the phone or through email, I’ve never had any direct interaction with transcriptionists. They are extremely responsive. I’ve only had to call them three times, and they picked up the phone two out of three, and the other time they got back to me in a matter of minutes. Emails get a reply in a matter of minutes or hours, so I never have to wait very long to get a reply.”

Working with Preferred Transcriptions makes dealing with technical issues and delays easy. “Once in a blue moon the system may get a little glitch, but I’ve used transcription services before at a company I used to work at, and they had the same types of glitches, so it seems like a standard part of transcriptions. It’s very rare that such a glitch will happen, the system may hang up or something like that. Not anything very major.”

“For the most part, the process has been very fluid, seamless, and effortless. A good example was that for some reason the number wasn’t connecting. There’s also an alternate toll free number you can use, I was able to do the transcription. I got in touch with Preferred Transcriptions, they got right back to me, it turns out it was a problem with that number. They had it fixed very quickly, and it was not much of an issue.”

Dr. Caiazzo is very forthcoming about what he values in working with Preferred Transcriptions. “I cannot begin to put into words how much time Preferred has saved me. I used to do these rather lengthy reports on my own, and when I call Preferred it just was a godsend, truly. They are able to do these dictations so much quicker than I can do them, and they do them very well. The accuracy is excellent. It’s very rare for there to be typos. They do it quickly and at a reasonable cost. I feel I’m getting a real value for my dollar, and it’s helped me to increase not only my productivity, but has allowed me to accept more referrals, because I can process people that much quicker, so my income has increased as a result of hiring Preferred Transcriptions.”