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How to Incorporate Transcription for Business Training into Your Learning Modules


How to Incorporate Transcription for Business Training into Your Learning Modules

Overview: Transcription for business training can help maximize the impact of learning sessions in a variety of ways. As with general business transcription and academic transcription, it is a useful way to convert audio and video to text. You can then use this text to reinforce learning and ultimately maximize your investment in business training.

Transcription for business training allows you to convert learning materials and virtual sessions like this one into readable, searchable text.

Ongoing business training is, of course, important in today’s corporate world. Much of that learning is moving online, either through live sessions or recorded learning modules. In a lot of ways, business training overlaps with traditional academic learning. And why not? It’s a proven method used by business schools across the country. Just as academic transcription can be helpful for learners, transcription for business training can be so useful, too.

We’ll give you a brief overview of how transcription for business training can help you maximize the impact of your learning sessions.

What is Transcription for Business Training?

Simply put, transcription for business training allows you to convert all your organization’s audio and video learning materials into readable, searchable text.

Everyone learns differently. These days, many people choose video and audio sources such as podcasts to get their information. That’s great for entertainment. However, for learning, you want to ensure your employees absorb that information.

Transcribing business training materials supports better learning. Making written text available allows learners to go back and easily review the sections of the information they want or need. Further, research suggests that reading a transcript while watching a video also reinforces learning for better comprehension. Who knew that simply converting audio and video to text could have such an impact on your organization!

Advantages of Providing Your Learners with Full Transcripts

Woman reading full transcript of previous video business training session for faster review.

There are many advantages to providing your employees with full transcripts of your training modules. Transcription for business training:

  • Maximizes your investment in learning by providing learners with follow-up documentation
  • Makes training more accessible to those who may be hard of hearing
  • Allows learners to follow up with any sections they missed
  • Provides learners with a searchable document so they can look up key points
  • Gives learners another way to access your training materials
  • Allows learners to highlight and make notes on the transcript itself for better reinforcement
  • Provides another learning method for better reinforcement of your key messages

There may also be legal advantages to providing full transcriptions from business training. Talk to your organization’s legal professional to learn more.

The Transcription Process for Business Training

Working with a reputable transcription company such as Preferred Transcriptions makes it very easy to provide transcription for business training. Simply:

  1. Create your learning materials
  2. Upload the video or audio to Preferred Transcriptions’ secure server
  3. Download the completed transcription from a secure folder
  4. Your completed transcription will come in a standard text format such as Microsoft Word (other formats available upon request) so that you can incorporate it into your own document templates for fast and easy dissemination

We’ll usually have your transcription completed for you within 24 hours, though in some cases, it may take longer for bigger projects. Either way, you’ll get clean, quality transcriptions in your preferred format to support organizational learning.

Other Situations

You can also use our transcription services for events related to business training, including recorded presentations, seminars, workshops, conferences, meetings, other group sessions, and more. Preferred Transcriptions gives you a fast and easy way to support your employees’ learning efforts with the documentation they need for better learning.

Contact Preferred for Better Transcription for Business Training

Find out why Preferred Transcriptions comes so highly recommended by our clients! Our professional transcriptionists, fast turnaround, and outstanding service ensure you get the high-quality documentation you need for all your transcription for business training. Contact us today for a no-obligation meeting to find out how we can meet your needs.

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