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Integrating Legal Transcription into Law Firms


Integrating Legal Transcription into Law Firms

Overview: Legal transcription helps law firms streamline many office tasks. That frees up more time for attorneys and other legal professionals while improving the accuracy and organization of your documentation. Although many law firms find it difficult to understand how legal transcription can help them, those who dive in quickly realize that hiring professional legal transcriptionists improves overall practice – and business – efficiency.

Contracting out legal transcription services benefits law firms large and small.

Get the Edge: Spend Less Time on Office Tasks and More Time on Clients

Lawyer spending more time with clients because of good integration of legal transcription with his law firm.

Law firms are always trying to get an edge. Not just in courtrooms and mediation sessions – efficiency plays a huge part in the business success or failure of the typical law office. Smaller firms may find this particularly challenging. Attorneys at solo or small law firms spend more time managing their practices AND their businesses than their big-firm counterparts. This is mostly because of a perceived lack of resources large support teams like the bigger firms have.

But what if there was a way to turn the time you and your legal professionals spent on office tasks into more billable hours? Not only would it save you time and alleviate stress, you’d also make more money.

4 Ways Integrating Legal Transcription Can Help Your Law Firm

Here are four ways legal transcription can help your law firm save time, save money, and even help you earn more money:

  1. Improve your efficiency – We all wish we had more hours in the day. Sometimes, we cheat by staying at the office late or bringing work home with us. However, at some point, we realize we’re only cheating ourselves…

    Legal transcription can help everyone at law firms literally get more hours in the day. When you transfer common tasks such as transcription to professionals, not only do you free up more time, you become way less stressed. Getting home on time, too, is a bonus that our clients love.

  2. Focus on your special skills – It may sound obvious, but it’s worth underlining: the time you don’t spend on common office tasks is time you can spend doing what you were trained to do. As mentioned above, the bigger the law office, the more time attorneys spend actually practicing law. That’s because they have the office and admin support they need. Smaller and solo firms can gain these same advantages by hiring out transcription and other office tasks.

  3. Improve accuracy for stronger documentation – One important point often overlooked by law firms and attorneys considering legal transcription services is that hiring a professional not only saves time, it improves results. Exactly how much higher the accuracy rate of a professional legal transcriptionist depends on your own typing – and spelling – skills. But in most cases, legal transcriptionists provide higher quality transcription faster and with greater accuracy.

  4. Organize your documentation to find information faster – This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of legal transcription for law firms. Building a case often involves recorded meetings and interviews with clients and witnesses. However, it is much faster and easier to extract the information from those meetings if you have a written transcript of the conversations. Transcription is also important when presenting evidence. Legal transcription services help law firms convert those audio and video sources to usable text for organizing, searching, and presentation.

Note that although smaller law firms perhaps need more help with administrative tasks, larger firms can benefit as well. Our legal transcriptionists can help during vacation leave, when a large amount of audio comes in that needs fast turnaround, or other high-volume periods.

Contact Preferred Transcriptions for Your Legal Transcription Needs

Contact Preferred Transcriptions to find out how integrating legal transcription into your law firm can help you save time and, in turn, generate more billable hours. There isn’t any new tech to learn, no monthly minimums, and we can start work on your project as early as today.

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