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Faster Transcription Turnaround Times and 8 Other Myths about In-house Transcription


Faster Transcription Turnaround Times and 8 Other Myths about In-house Transcription

Do transcription turnaround times fall off when you outsource your transcription? Do you lose quality control? Is integration really an issue? Here are 9 myths about in-house transcription – and a couple of truths about outsourcing transcription.

Doctor looking at updated patient information thanks to Preferred Transcriptions fast transcription turnaround times.

9 Myths About In-house Transcription

1. Faster Transcription Turnaround Times

If you choose the right transcription service provider, transcription turnaround times will likely be the same on average. Most of the established transcription companies provide 24-hour turnaround or better, regardless of whether it’s medical transcription, legal transcription, or another industry.

2. Better Quality Control and Accountability

No, you don’t lose quality control either. Again, it depends on the caliber of your transcription company, but generally speaking, you’ll receive the same quality using a transcription service as you would in-house. Plus, if your service provider isn’t meeting your accountability standards, it’s much easier to bring in a new service than it is a new in-house team.

3. Increased Integration

The reality is most companies use one of a handful of different software within their industry. Medical transcription, legal transcription, media transcription – reliable transcription companies integrate with your existing systems just as easily as your in-house team would.

Preferred Transcriptions meets all HIPAA regulations for transfer and storage of PHIs.

4. More Secure Data

Once again, everyone uses similar data encryption and security methods, especially those transcription services that must be HIPAA compliant. Assuming your data is staying in the US (see below), it is no less safe with a reliable transcription provider.

5. More Control over Costs

This one is misleading. If by “more control” you mean “more predictable,” then in-house could fall into this category. That’s because when you outsource your transcription, you only pay for the service you use – it’s bound to fluctuate depending on your own busy-ness. If by “more control” you mean lower costs, then the in-house solution isn’t the one for you. On average, you’ll pay less by outsourcing, especially when you factor in office space and furniture, benefits, vacation time, etc.

6. Deeper Connection with the End User

This, too, is a myth. Reliable transcription providers tend to have a stable workforce and often have the same transcriptionists working on any given account. They’ll get to know the voice in the recording just fine, whether they are physically across the hall or across the country.

7. Get Help Faster

This is along the same lines as transcription turnaround times. The idea that somehow an in-house team would provide faster assistance with a question or issue because they are in the same building is also false. In most cases, you’ll be emailing or calling the team – just as you would your transcription provider. At Preferred Transcriptions, for example, you’ll talk directly to a manager who can answer your questions immediately. (Put us to the test right now: 610-539-9208)

8. More Opportunities for Customized Workflows

Another myth is the idea that in-house transcriptionists somehow have a magical ability to format transcription to your specs and file types that transcription service providers don’t have. As with Point 3, we all use the same software. Any established transcription company can give you the formatting and file type you need.

9. More Flexibility

In many cases, using in-house transcriptionists actually gives you less flexibility. Sick leave, vacation time, personal conflicts – there are many things that can disrupt the workplace. When you outsource, you don’t have to worry about these issues at all. And, as mentioned in Point 2, if there are issues, replacing your transcription provider is easier than replacing your in-house transcription team.

Outsource, Not Offshore

Many of the points above assume that your transcription provider is within the United States – along with all the transcriptionists who work for them. Don’t be fooled. There are many transcription companies that technically have an office in the U.S., but then they funnel all your transcription work overseas. This can open up issues of security, quality control, transcription turnaround times, and assistance, among others. Use a 100% U.S.-based company and transcriptionists to avoid these problems!

Contact Preferred Transcriptions and find out how we can provide you with the fast transcription turnaround times you deserve. We’re not looking to displace your existing in-house team – in fact, we can support them during vacation times and other high-volume/low-capacity times. Call 610-539-9208 or use our email form to find out how we can help your office.

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