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How Transcription for Podcast Production Streamlines the Process


How Transcription for Podcast Production Streamlines the Process

You know that podcast transcription is great for your listener, making your podcasts more accessible and easier to refer back to the information. Transcripts can also help boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). But did you know that transcription for podcast production also streamline your post-production process, helping you organize and present your podcast faster and easier?

Podcast transcription helps you:

  1. Speed Up the Review Process
  2. Spot Potential Errors
  3. Visualize Flow and Rearrange Content
  4. Generate Show Notes

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Four Ways Transcription for Podcast Production Makes the Process Faster and Easier

Podcaster editing podcast using transcription to help rearrange sections.
Podcast transcription can help the podcast production process in a variety of ways, including help rearrange segments to improve flow for the listener. It’s much easier to visualize when you highlight on paper first, then go back to move the audio segments as needed.

  1. Speed Up the Review Process – The podcast production process can involve several people, including people who weren’t involved in the podcast recording. Having a transcript of the full podcast can make it easier for producers and editors to scan and review the material. This might be to cut parts out for time, search for natural “station breaks” in the conversation, or rearrange content (see below). Even if you’re a sole podcaster, laying out the whole conversation in written form makes it easier for you to review.
  2. Spot Potential Errors – Sometimes podcast guests get it wrong, whether it’s a factual error or a potential bias your podcast doesn’t agree with. Sometimes podcast hosts get it wrong, too. Not only does a transcript help speed up the review process, as mentioned above, but it’s also easier to spot those errors. Fact-checking, in particular, is made easier because you can copy and paste the facts you are checking right into Google.
  3. Visualize Flow and Rearrange Content – Flow is important for any podcast. Engaging the listener often involves cutting out dead air, flubs, or even whole sections. Sometimes, if the conversation has meandered during the podcast, it’s better for the listener if you rearrange that content to make it flow better. Can you do that solely with the audio or video? Of course you can! And people have for decades when you look at radio show production. However, transcription makes this part of the podcast production process faster and easier.
  4. Generate Show Notes We highly recommend including full transcripts of your podcast for so many reasons including accessibility and SEO. But if you skip transcripts in favor of detailed show notes, podcast transcription makes that easier, too. This way, you can review the whole conversation, highlight comments that stick out, and then combine them into the notes. This method also helps speed up the compilation process when gathering clips, say for previews or intros/outros.

Post-Production Takes Time. A Lot of Time…

Podcaster Sarah Rhea Werner wrote in her Forbes article that post-production can take 6-10 hours for her half-hour show. Editing and show notes take up the largest portion of that time, she said. Other podcasters do it faster and others are slower. But the bottom line is that the podcast production process takes a lot of time. The more time-savings you can grab, the better!

Transcription for podcast production helps make the production process faster and easier. Preferred Transcriptions makes it easier still with outstanding customer service and trained, U.S.-based transcriptionists. We can give you the accurate transcription you need, fast! Ask about our time-stamped and verbatim transcription services, too.

Call 888-779-5888 or contact us via our email form to find out how we can help make your podcast production process faster and easier. We can get started as early as today!

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