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What are the 3 Stages of Audio Transcription?

Audio transcription is easy and beneficial for any individual or company that seeks to increase its brand awareness and consumer base. It makes valuable information about a company accessible and comprehensive for everyone. The best way to get an audio transcription is through employing a transcription service, which ensures that the final product is an accurate and complete transcription of an audio file. Read on to learn about the three easy stages of audio transcription.

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Is There a Program That Can Transcribe Audio?

With the advancement of technology, audio transcription has become easy and accessible for everyone. What used to include the physical process of writing down someone else’s dictation is now as easy as using transcription programs or voice recognition. Now, you can speak into your phone’s microphone and watch what you say turn into a typed message. These are perfect solutions for smaller messages and emails while on-the-go. However, it is common to come across errors with these programs.

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The Modern Dictaphone

You may not be familiar with the word “dictaphone”, but a dictaphone is a trademarked name for a dictation recording machine. A dictaphone is a device used to record audio of important events, meetings, presentations, or seminars. Before the introduction of smartphones and smart devices, a dictaphone was sold as a separate machine like a voice recorder. These can cost anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars. But with advances in technology, the modern dictaphone is now available on your phone, laptop, or any other smart device.

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How to Transcribe Audio to Text

Transcribing audio to text is helpful for any individual or business who seeks to boost its brand awareness and have a physical record of important information. Having a folder filled with audio files is harder to manage and accessing the information in them takes time. By transcribing audio to text, you make your information accessible to everyone, easy to find, and easier to comprehend and remember.

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What is Dictation?

Since the introduction of modern technology and transcription software, traditional dictation has become a thing of the past. Dictation is the transcription of spoken word to text that includes someone who is “taking dictation” and another who is “dictating” or speaking. When we picture this, it usually looks like someone sitting in front of a typewriter, computer, or with a pen and paper writing down words spoken by another person. One very common, and current, use of dictation is that done by a court stenographer who transcribes all the spoken words during a hearing or trial. But dictation is used in many other professions and has a multitude of benefits for personal and business purposes.

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Need Help to Transcribe Video to Text?

Transcribing a video to text is beneficial for anyone who seeks to increase their brand awareness and emphasize important information. With transcription, a video becomes more accessible to people with hearing impairments and can overcome technological issues that may interfere with general viewing. Transcribing a video to text not only boosts a brand’s visibility, but encourages better comprehension and engagement amongst viewers.

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Who Can Take Online Dictation?

“Taking dictation” has started to become a bit of an outdated term and practice given the advances of online use. Taking dictation used to include physically recording a client or bosses’ spoken notes, or other form of formal speech either by hand or using a typewriter or other word processor. This practice has instead been taken over by online dictation services. Technological and software progress have even introduced multiple applications that use algorithms to transcribe recorded audio into text automatically. Online dictation has proven to be a practical and economical solution for those who require transcripts of speech.

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How Much Does it Cost to Transcribe an Audio Book?

Transcribing an audio book may seem a little strange. More often than not, we assume the print or ebook version of a book precedes that of the audio content. Or, we wonder what the added benefit of a print book has when audio books are especially convenient for their ability to be listened to anywhere and at any time. But it’s not uncommon for audiobooks to exist before the print version of a book and there are numerous benefits to entering alternative book sale markets through transcribing an audio book.

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Where to Find Voice Dictation Services

If your profession requires you to record and transcribe voice notes, you know just how easily the work can pile up. Whether you work in the medical, legal, or insurance field, the decision to seek out voice dictation services is one which will give you back a great deal of your time and energy. But knowing which voice dictation service to choose is not always a simple matter. Today, we’d like to share the three most essential qualities to look for in a voice dictation service that will meet your needs.

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How to Start Transcribing Audio to Text

If your professional life requires you to record and transcribe audio often, then you are familiar with how difficult this part of the job can be. Indeed, there aren’t many tasks that prove more time-consuming than transcribing audio to text. You should plan for the transcription time to take at least twice as long as the length of the recorded text, but that could be much longer (think 5-10 times as long) if the transcriptionist is inexperienced, if there are multiple speakers, or if the audio quality is not good. Follow these three tips to maximize your efficiency.

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