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Your Guide to Transcription Services.

How to Improve Your SEO Rankings with Video Transcriptions

Did you know that adding transcriptions to your content marketing videos can actually give a boost to your SEO rankings?

You already know that video is currently the most effective way to share your brand message with your audience. Video is dominating content marketing because it’s dynamic, searchable, and shareable. Video can be used to drive your audience to your call to action, and it’s a great way to boost your audience engagement while entertaining or educating your customers and driving fresh leads through your funnel.

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Accuracy and Reliability are Key for Transcription Service

When it Comes to Your Transcription Service, Accuracy and Reliability are Key

Ron Skotleski of Skotleski Productions knows the value of accuracy and reliability when choosing a transcription service. Ron operates a video production company specializing in religious broadcasting, working with ministers to video sermons and services to be sent out to 50 stations around the country and the world. Using a multi-camera setup, Skotleski Productions shoots the video, brings the digital file back to the studio for editing, and sends them out on a very tight weekly schedule. Skotleski Productions rely on transcriptions to maintain compliance with FCC regulations regarding closed captioning. Because of these FCC rules, closed captioning has to be very accurate. In fact, videos sent to Canada are required to be letter perfect in order to be in compliance. Every year, Ron signs an affidavit of accuracy with the FCC. Using an automatic transcription program simply isn’t an option, as inaccurate closed captioning could lead to fines and other penalties.

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