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Your Guide to Transcription Services.

How Video Transcription Can Improve Your Visibility

If you are looking to improve your SEO performance, you might already know about the benefits of including videos on your website. Videos are an excellent way to increase your site’s visibility and ranking on search engines. But there is an even more powerful tool in your SEO-boosting toolbox that you may be less aware of: video transcription. How does a simple transcription help to bolster your SEO? Here are three ways.

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Transcription Services – How Transcription Services Can Make You More Productive

Professionals in legal, medical, business, academic, and investigative fields may have very diverse needs and goals, but there is one priority that they all share: productivity. Transcription services offer professionals the opportunity to cut out busy work and focus on the essentials of doing their job well. Preferred Transcriptions offers a seamless transcription experience for professionals seeking more efficiency and productivity in their day-to-day work.

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How Private Investigators Use Transcription Services

Private investigation can take many forms, and none are usually quite so glamorous as they appear in books, TV shows, or movies. But each task required of the private investigator has at least one element in common: the need to record information. And most private investigators can agree that the need to do this as efficiently and accurately as possible is paramount to doing the job well.

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Preferred Transcriptions Serves a Surgery Center with Speed and Accuracy

This month, we were able to sit down and chat with Marie of Valley Pain Center to find out what it is about Preferred Transcriptions that she values to keep her work running smoothly. Valley Pain Center is a freestanding outpatient ambulatory surgical center that is AAAHC accredited, state licensed, and certified by the Department of Health. They feature two operating rooms, and specialize in interventional pain management procedures.

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Market Research Team Finds a Reliable Partner in Preferred Transcriptions

We sat down to speak with Natalie Vasilyev to find out what she values about working with Preferred Transcriptions for her market research projects.

Natalie works with Elsevier Clinical Solutions unit to help healthcare professionals improve clinical outcomes through evidence-based care. Natalie is responsible for market research. Natalie works with Preferred Transcriptions about once a quarter on transcription of audio files to support conducted research.

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How to Keep Up with the Inexhaustible Need for Content on the Internet

You may have found out by now that one-and-done doesn’t cut it when it comes to online content. It’s so common to see company blog pages with two or three posts, then nothing for months. People tend to put so much energy and enthusiasm into their first few social media or online content posts that they quickly fizzle out once the excitement is gone. One big contributing factor is the need to generate a steady stream of content ideas, not necessarily fueled by first time poster enthusiasm. Here are a few ideas to keep generating content well into the year.

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The Search for Content: Video Transcription is your Untapped Resource

Everyone is looking to put out as much content as they can as part of their content marketing or digital marketing strategies. The idea is that if you can attract an audience with blog posts or social media postings that are helpful or entertaining, that audience will become new customers and clients. But blogging can be difficult to maintain in the long term—it seems as though everything under the sun has already been written, and coming up with fresh topics every week can very quickly become a chore that sucks up a huge amount of time. The same goes for social media posts—what starts with energy and enthusiasm quickly peters out into a ghost town of a Facebook page or Twitter feed that is sporadically updated with lackluster content. So what do you do? You turn to an overlooked source of evergreen content: video!

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